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submission art online bullet build fourth contest pvp fatal sword
[PvP] Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Build Contest fourth Submission (Chip Mode ON)
Better response on post Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Build Contest fourth Submission (Chip Mode ON)this is my fourth submision i know i said the last one would most likely be my last but thats why i said most likely caus thers the chance i would come back with another one this is a pvp build that utilizes 100% human defence like all of my priveous builds this one requires you to have multiple character slots that are max lvl and have 180mil bounty so that you can have multiple sets of bounty gear in this case you want the one that has the 50% humanoid defence with 2 of them equiped you take no dmg unless your up against some one that has high dmg against humanoids chips on their weapons this build sports 12,060 health and and 6460 defence while your health may not be high your defence comboed by the humanoid defence and your buffs make you near immortal in pvp you also have 255 dex meaning your crits and weak spot attacks do a large amount of dmg hyper awareness so that you can doge attacks and have extra invunability time power and gaurd feild shot for the defence and power buffs human fortress so that you can get flinched viral shot so that you can lower your opponets attack and defence skill freese shot stops your enemy from using skills healing field shot for healing and sheild matrix 3 for the invulnability and healing i dont talk about the gadgets too much in my other builds but here they are very important metamaterial camafloug stops enemys from using assist mode to target you making them have to aim and making you hard to shoot but also makes you hard to see at all anti aliment kit makes you immune to status effects and flash bang stuns them and if they are immune to stuned they are blinded no matter what the weapons used are a oridanal ray mk3+ and the 178.75mil bounty spb potassium type z they spb potassium is extremly good for pvp especialy with dmg vs humanoids +50% but the star of the build is the oridanal ray that has pasive stun build up and a fast fireing rate meaning you can immdiently stun players this build over all requires alot of work to set up but if done correctly can allow you to dominate the pvp field if you know how to play right         
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Better response on post Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Build Contest fourth Submission (Chip Mode ON)Since it looks like its PvP build, I put PvP thread prefix. Let me know if I am wrong.
Nice build with very through description!
Although I really have to test the build if I can reach to max level!

Thank you very much for sharing your knowledges.
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I am going to write the review of this build after we open avatar pro league and use it at there, maybe in next couple of months <3
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