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submission art online bullet build contest fatal sword
[PvE] Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Build Contest Submission
Better response on post Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Build Contest Submissionthis is the first of the 3 builds that i will be submiting today this is an immortal tank build that has 2 variations the main build is the first variation which gives 21,083 health with 7636 defence in combination with the defence buffs this give you 95% dmg reduction against your extrmly large health pool also the human fortress skill stops you from flinching and knock back the hyper awarness skill allows you to instantly doge any single attack and when activated and you doge some thing you become invincible for 10 to 15 secounds the skill conceal makes it that enemys will have trouble attacking you even if your by yourself and fighting a boss it will have trouble targeting you then the skill sword barrier allows you to block all bullets your facing and with the hit box being extrmly big you end up blocking bullets that are behind you aswell also the skill sheild matrix makes you invincible while stoping you from moving it heals you and lets out an explosion the gadgets used make you imune to status effects and give healing the skill viral shoot decreses the dmg and defence of all enemys in the feild and healing field shoot heals a large portion of your health the weapons used are the 180mil bounty procyon pistol that has a low stat requierment and solid dps the secound weapon is a kagmetsu type z the third highest dps sword that is also the most build flexible sword thats does upwards to 101,000 dmg per crit and with the crit rate +60% on the weapon and the 315 luck you crit on average every 4 hits this build gives solid dps and near immortality the secound variation gives 21,877 health but only 7092 defence but in return for the lower defence you get pasive regeneration from the max hp recovered over tim accesorie and that hp regen is boosted by the hp recovery accesorie also all cool downs are now lower                                  
"From the day you were born from your first breath, and till the day you lie down to take your last, I have and will be beside you. So be not afraid, fear not the name of the reaper."-Reaper 2.0 (Assassination
Sorry, I forgot to let user choose the thread prefix. Is this pve or pvp build?

I will fix it for you if you don't know how to set thread prefix.

Thank you very much for your submission.

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