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[PvP Guide] How to stop a Ghoul's Awaken State/Rampage State
How to stop a Ghoul's Awaken State

By throwing CRc Gas in the Area, any Ghoul that is currently using their Awaken State will automatically lose it, however depending how long it was run they will still have some left over.
Once they are out of the CRc Effect Area they can use it again (if their Awakening Gauge is 99% full they just need to fight for a bit to max it out)

The known Quinques that uses CRc Gas:
  • Senza IV (Allows more CRc Gas to be stored, and increase of Blast Radius)
  • Amatsu Proto (Allows more CRc Gas to be stored)

How to stop a Ghoul's Rampage State
This can be done by using Incendiary, throw it at the Ghoul's feet and they should be on fire, if they do not put out the flames by dashing (pressing X) they will eventually die. However this doesn't work all the time

Here are the known Quinque that provide a flame attack or increase Incendiary's:

  1. Sasori Zero 1/56 Mk. 2 (Provides more Incendiary's and increases Incendiary's Flame Base)
  2. Nagomi ß (Provides Flame Attack after pressing Square 4 times, use circle dose the same as well. Super Attack also provides flame attack)
  3. Demon Yamada 1 <Common> (allows more Incendiary's to be stored)
  4. Chi She <Common> (Provides Flame Attack using circle and Super Attack)
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