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[PvP] 100% Humanoid Defense And How To Utilize It
Better response on post 100% Humanoid Defense And How To Utilize ItHumanoid defense is a chip you can get on accessories that increases your defense against (enemey players) that are AI that spawn in your offline worlds but they also increase your defense against real players in pvp this chip maxes out at 18.25% and being by you can have two of these accessories equiped you can have 36.5% humanoid defense but this is only with normal humanoid defense chips if you raise your bounty high enough you get gear with chips higher than the cap and one of these pieces of gear is an accessory with 50% humanoid defense as well as a plus 34 to your str a plus 34 to your agi and a plus 34 to your luc you get this when you reach 162,500,000 bounty this alone would give you 50% humanoid defense but if you make a secound character slot and max level it and reach 162.5 million bounty on it you can get another one of this accessory and being by your item box is shared bettween all your character slots you can transfer the secound accessory to your main character but you cant wear 2 glasses accessories at the same time so go to the accessory editior in the secound room of your house (and no im not talking about kirito's room i mean the secound room of your house you unlock it by doing a dlc quest) when you get to the accessory editor use it to transfer the chips of one of the sunglasses into a ring or some thing else and there you have it with these you can achieve 100% humanoid defense which makes you immortal unless your up against somone who knows how to get around it here are two of my builds that utilize humanoid defense in this way

A Crimson Roar build that uses the Crimson Roar grenade launcher with humanoid defense


A Oridanal Ray build that uses the Oridanal Ray and the SPB Potassium type z with humanoid defense

"From the day you were born from your first breath, and till the day you lie down to take your last, I have and will be beside you. So be not afraid, fear not the name of the reaper."-Reaper 2.0 (Assassination

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