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matrix shield tip guide pvp on
Tip on Shield Matrix (PvP Guide)
I might be wrong but to me Shield Matrix level 2 heals less HP than Shield Matrix level 3, however Shield Matrix level 3 has an explosive attack at the end.

The problem comes after the explosive attack, at it makes you vulnerable to attacks. (Seems like explosive attack occurs upon holding the skill for about 3 seconds)
So instead of doing the full skill, cancel it before the explosive attack and quickly dash left or right.

Im not sure how much damage the explosive attack does, I will be looking into that soon!

I tried to upload a Twitch clip from AEG_Jotaku but was unable to.
Click here to see it
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Oh that clip, because enemy player was trying to attack our ally from the backside, in order to make him secure (crazy kuroya), I did shield matrix so that the enemy would stop attacking from behind as soon as seeing my attempt lol.
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Also for side notes, when doing an explosive at the end, you will have to watch carefully if that enemy is a sword player. Some sword skills provides immune to all incoming attack for very short moment while casting, so that they will hit you with a sword skill while evading your explosion.
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