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bunker support tamamo
[Support, Tamamo] Bunker

Highly defensive Tamamo bunker simply designed to hold the point, focusing on winrate over kill-death ratio.

Fiery Heaven to Gyokutenhou. Fiery Heaven has more range but it keeps you stationary for a long time.

  • Use Bridal Fox's Day then guard or use Aphotic Cave in order to heal effectively.
  • Make sure Fiery Heaven does not change its direction if you locked the enemy.
  • Your objective should focus on support than attacking.
  • Check allies HP to determine when to use HEAL ALL.
  • Stack Drive for the worst case to overturn the situation.
Any build can counter this since it is plain bunker build as time goes by.

eSportsKorea - https://www.twitch.tv/animeesports

Consider changing fiery heaven to ranged CC skill that stuns enemy for a while since it should follow bunker design who is supposed to just hold the point while helping other people kill enemies. Keep the moon drive without using its burst skill in order to just spend time until allies come to the points in the worst case.

Suppose the game designed to have fast movement like this game, then all the people can do is to lock the enemy when to land a skill.
Each skill originally has long CD like 10 sec and you have healing skill.

Try if it works in massive fight if you can be a tank as well by just running around enemy so they just make me remain unkilled while they spent the skill, and you have heal skill. Test if it works. If this doesn't work that is due to probably combo or being zerged so try to find out a way to overcome this without driving time.
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