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silica advanced guide
Advanced Silica Guide

Silica has very fast movement while running so that it makes enemies little harder to target her, comparing to other healers such as Zeliska and Rain.
And she comes with beautiful Shield Matrix which gives her a chance to evade some deadly moments.

For Silica, relavant skills are separated into each weapons, that means, self-surviving skills are all put into Sturm KZ2 and healing/support skills are all put into Procyon SL2. That will make your job easier because as a healer you should either only focus on supporting others or surviving when being attacked, with one exception that you may want to attack upon enemy with low HP.

The Art of Fighting
Procyon SL2
This will be your main weapon that you are going to mostly use when not being attacked by other enemies. Check any closing enemies and try to have distance with them. You move around the area where you can see your allies and your enemies isn't there, and keep supporting allies. The point is how much you can stack Healing Bullet skill. To archive this, you always use other support skills upon allies and load Healing Bullet on your weapon prior to fight, so that Healing Bullet skill can recharge before getting into the battle. With this way, you can spam Healing Bullet 2 times during the battle. If you need 3rd healing for healing allies but healing bullet was just used, quickly swap to Sturm KZ2.

Sturm KZ2
This weapon is only used in following 4 cases: self-surviving, extra healling upon allies, healing on yourself, resurrecting downed allies. Trigger Happy isn't important but you will need to attack enemy with low HP who is close to you. The most important thing with this weapon is how well you can use Shield Matrix in order to evade critical skills of your enemy.


Always keep yourself with First Aid because this will recharge faster than its active time. You can use Frag Grenade upon massive teamfight, downed allies to prevent resurrection, or even wall when you have low hp and your enemy will very likely chase you shortly after running somewhere unvisible to enemy so that your enemy doesn't know you have thrown them and may get close to you. Combat Knife isn't useful but you can use it on enemies trying to resurrect.




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hey im trying to around and read/rate all the guides and o i wanted to say nice guide expect a bunch more comments like this on your other guides
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