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amp martyr tamamo hybrid
[Hybrid & Tamamo] Martyr

An hybrid build that inherits all the features from the Celestial build, and provides better capability in offense.

Mantra: Aphotic Cave to your own choice.

  • Save cooldown time decrease item and increase range item. It is highly recommended you use those items when you got into moon drive mode in order to spam skills.
  • It is very hard to make a counter with Mantra against real player in dueling, but it works well in massive team fight.
  • With Mantra, you can make a combo with Fiery Heaven after the successful hit of your counter.
  • Make sure use guard, or Aphotic cave by switching them until you get full HP. 
  • Move around in circled healing area to dodge any incoming attacks while healing.
  • Your objective should focus on keeping the point, other than the fight outside of the point since you are not fully offense role.
  • Frequently check allies HP to determine when to use heal.
  • Stack moon drive for the worst case to overturn the situation.
  • Speculate the direction your enemy would move to a sec later, you use fiery heaven there. 
  • Do not use fiery heaven when the distance is way too close, this is too risky upon failure.
Fully offense build that makes one-shots may counter this build.



* Request us to list your livestream officially in the document if you livestream this build! 3 people maximum per each build.
* Alternatively, you can also comment below with your Youtube or Twitch address.
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