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to kaneki map accomplish 184 no 92 fight best centepede ken
Best Map to fight Ken Kaneki -Centepede- Accomplish No. 92/184
Ranked Best to Worst:

Ken Kaneki -Centepede- may not allways spawn, if this happens restart the map or try a different map, you also need to be the one to kill him
Normal difficulty: Accomplishment 92 ("Playable Character")
Hard difficulty: Accomplishment 184 ("Owl Type-0 skill")

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1. 24th Ward The Dragon's 24th Ward -Investigators-

[Image: 24th-ward.png]
  • Ken Kaneki -Centepede- will spawn after you defeat 80 Dragon Orphans
  • There are two/three Awakining Guages upon entering the room and two more when you face Kaneki.
  • Plenty of room to run about so you shouldn't have much trouble.
  • You can also do this on the Ghoul Team!
2. Tokyo Urban Area

[Image: tokyo.png]
  • There are plenty of Med-kits scattered around the map.
  • Awakening Gage can be found at the start (when you first see Dragon Orphans turn around) 
  • Plenty of room to run around
  • Easy to get to as well
  • If you don't do the "Side-missions" (2 failures), you'll be given a game over screen.
  • Multiple enemy's (including stronger ones) making the fight harder
3. Auction House -Central Building-

[Image: lunar.png]
  • Kaneki will replace Noro if he spawns 
  • Easy to get to (Basically near-by the start of the map)
  • Smaller Space making Special Attacks more easier to use
  • Difficult to fight because of space
  • Time Limit
4. Aogirl Tree Hideout -Torture Room-/-Shopping Mall-
[Image: room.png]
[Image: mall.png]
  • Swarm of enemy's, allowing your awakening gauge to be filled quicker -Shopping Mall-
  • Time Limit -Shopping Mall-
  • Multiple Enemy's making fighting harder -Shopping Mall-
  • Smaller Space -Tourture Room-
"The two most important days of your life is the day you are born, and the day you discover... why." -Mark Twain
Although, your article is quite long, it was very interesting for me to read it. I like the way, how you build it.

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