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[PvE] How to utilize Pistols
Better response on post How to utilize Pistols
When on their own pistols may seem like they can't hold a candle to the other weapon types but when paired with specific skills and techniques pistols have become not only the most versatile of the weapon types but now has one of if not the  highest dps scores and that is what i am here to tell you here today

Weapon Arts
The pistol weapon art is one of if not the most overpowered weapon arts in all of Fatal Bullet the pistol weapon art lowers skill recharge times drastically now this may not seem like much but this allows you to spam heals spam debuffs such as stun field,viral shot,and skill freeze but when paired with the skill we will be discussing in the next section it allows the pistol to do major dps 

Quick Shot
Quick shot is a pistol exclusive skill that fires a volley of bullets and instant reloads your gun when paired with a high dmg high crit rate and crit dmg pistol just one quick shot can wipe out half of the hp of alot of bosses and this skil can be spamed

The technique that pro players use to make pistols do so much dmg is to chip your pistol peferably the 160mil bounty long stroke type z that you modified for maximum dps then accesories that boost dmg and lowers recharge time like this accerssory
 {153 750 000 Bounty}

DEX +32

LUC +32

Recharge Time -25%
Max HP +32%

the dex will in increase your weak spot and critical dmg the luc will increase your critical rate and defence  the max hp will help keepyou alive longer and the recharge time will well you know reduce your recharge time but if you want to be more tanky you can use this instead 
{151 250 000 Bounty}

VIT +32

Recharge Time -25%

Max HP +32%
150% of Max HP Recovered Over 1 Minute

the vit will increase your health and defence and the added hp over time will help you recover hp while you fight
and with those things the equip their buffs and debuffs and equip 2 things quick shot lvl 2 and 3 they dont use 4 due to its long recharge time the technique is to continuesly enter and exit aiming while firing quick shot  here's two videos that should help this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9Em-wtdZK4) and this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNpoikjU2Qo)
If your looking for a good build to use  i recomend this build i made (https://www.animeesports.com/Thread-PvE-...sion--1579) its made specificly to be able to take down hard core dungeons
"From the day you were born from your first breath, and till the day you lie down to take your last, I have and will be beside you. So be not afraid, fear not the name of the reaper."-Reaper 2.0 (Assassination

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