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hairu amp ihei investigator 56 sasori 1 zero β aus
[Investigator, Sasori Zero 1/56 & Aus β] Hairu Ihei
Difficulty rating: Intermediate
(based on the amount of time and effort that is required to properly learn to play)

This build provides both good assault and support with it's Aus β and T-Human, allowing multiple uses within the battle field

Swap out CCG Maverick for Scarily Brilliant (this will give 120+ Awakening Fill Rate | 20+ Stamina recovery | -30 Defense)
Swap out one of the Special Move Damage for more stamina or Awakening Fill Rate


  • It's best to save your ult when more Ghouls are in the area
  • When out of combat swap to Sasori Zero 1/56 for faster dashing
  • If you paralyze a ghoul press circle to knock them down, this will also provide damage
  • When your enemy's get knocked down by Aus β , you can actually perform following 2 things: 
[1] Shoot with guns while they are falling down, aiming their head. Your stamina also recharge while you are using gun. 
[2] Perform one more Aus β's skill while they are falling down.
  • You can actually make consecutive knockdowns, but you have to time very well when they are trying to getting up.
  • Use your T-Human to paralyze your targets, if you miss, or getting attack from a different direction, just dash. It will cancel the Range Attack animation
  • If a Ghoul is in Rampage try to hit them as much as possible with T-Human. They will eventually get the paralyze effect, wasting more time within the Rampage State

Anything that can one-shot you



TrapLord Gianni

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