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submission art secound online bullet second build contest fatal sword
[PvE] Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Build Contest Second Submission
Better response on post Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Build Contest Second Submissionthis is the secound of the 3 builds i will be submitting to day the build i will be showing you is a quick shot solo dungeon build this build is made to make you realtivly tanky but sports extreme dps capable of soloing the lvl 350 nifta ex if gives you 19,023 health and 5008 defence the accesories make it so your cool downs are quicker and that cant be one shooted power form increses attack armor form increses defence human fortress stops fliching and knock back conceal makes enemys have trouble targeting you viral shot decreases enemy da mage and defence healing field shoot gives healing quick shot fires a volley of bullets and with the pistol weapon art along with the recharge time accesorie you are able to spam the 2 quick shots at weakpoints for major dmg each bullet doing up to 101,000 per crit and with the +60% crit rate chip on the weapon every quick shot garuntees multiple crits  the weapons used are the long stroke type z the most powerful hand gun sporting the highest base crit rate highest base crit dmg and third highest weak spot dmg of the pistols the next weapon is the ar blue rose mk3+ this is the secound most powerful assault riffle haveing the highest crit rate and higest crit dmg you dual weild this wepon for this build  the purpose of this build is to be capable of sloing hard core dungeons with out soupport so sacrfices to dps were made in order to make them capable of tanking hits resulting in lower dex and more prioritization of vit and agi  this build is perfect for soloing dungeons banquet of caos and even the special series of dungeons but please keep in mind that as powerful as this build is the skill requierment to solo the special series dungeons are still extremly high                                                          
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Since it looks like its PvE build, I put PvE thread prefix. Let me know if I am wrong.

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