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to a in rampage awaken if player state guide is pvp how or tell
[PvP Guide] How to tell if a player is Awaken or in Rampage State
  • Awaken State
They should't have a grey cloud/"fire" surrounding the character, they may end up using it when they are about to get hit from a Super Attack/Low on Health/etc.
If your playing as a Investigator or Quinxs, throw a CRc Gas. This will suppress the Ghoul's Awaken State

[Image: ezgif-6-27f8940b07d3.gif]
  • Rampage
This tends to happen when they are suppose to die, the chances of getting Rampage is rare though.
CRc Gas cannot suppress a Rampage State
However they can still take damage from Flame attack, if they do not put out the flame in time they can die during a Rampage, or from "Respawn Penalty"

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Oh I didn't realize there was gas thing when in awaken state, Thanks!
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