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How do we open a pro league for battle royale genre?
Well, I would like to open a pro league session for battle royale game named Super Mecha Heroes, but no idea how to open it.
All you can do is to invite friends prior to game start. We might play together as a squad and score each pro league applicant based on the score shown at the end of the match, like giving doubled score if our squad got in top 3 or something. Or, simply play team deathmatch mode instead.

But the most problem is how to rotate each applicants to play with. Because all we ca
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[Battle Royale/Doomlight] Shielded Sniper



The build focuses on attacking distant opponents in a wide field using sniper weapons, while at the same time ensuring a win in 1vs1 dueling or small-scaled battles using Doomlight if you suddenly get caught up in a close-range fight.


  1. Cryo Gun may be replaced with Hydra Missile in the second half of the battle with less than 20 players remain
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Super Mecha Champions Battle Royale Guide for New Players
Based on the Steam version, released on March 25, 2021
In this guide will appear mostly tips about the gameplay of Battle Royale in SMC, since there are no rules that mark that what appears in this "guide" is what has to be done to the letter :v

[font=Verdana]Preparation for Departure
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[Battle Royale/Doomligt] Vehicle Combo



In battle royale genre, it is pretty hard to function as a tanker because it doesn't involve domination gamemode (Capture the Area), but purely free for all in a party set. Secondly, the map is huge, tanker is known to have slow mobility so that you won't probably even reach the area where teamfight is occurring in a time. This build guides you how to utilize heavy armed with slow mobility to mainly function as a tanker
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[Battle Royale/Doomlight] Mobile Doomlight



This Doomlight build provides you some mobility that allows you to always be in a mecha mode and let you fully focus on teamfight without needing to switch between non-mecha/mecha mode in order to catch up your allies using vehicles you used to, and then contribute to win in a teamfight at the end.

Quick Shield Recharge

  1. Homing Missile may be replaced with Io
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[Battle Royale/Northern Knight] Pulverize



It is neither short-range nor long-range, but it is a mecha that is good at guerrilla warfare at medium-range. The goal is to use guerrilla tactics using a shield to decrease some of the opponent's Health, and crush the enemy based on high HP, short range boost slots, and the damages you dealt already in medium range as the distance may get slowly closer as fight goes on.

Hive Infrastructure

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[Battle Royale/Hotsteel] Steady Stance



This is a build for Hotsteel which comes with the maximum HP possible, and focuses on damage reduction and HP recovery while fighting.

Self Repair Device

  • Tactical may be replaced with cryo gun, shotgun, etc.
  • Hydra Missile may be replaced with Homing missile, etc.
  • Use Hotsteel's secondary weapon (Thermal Fusion Missile) pr
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[Battle Royale/Doomlight] Shielded Sniper-II



This build inherits all the major features of 3 Doomlight builds introduced in Mobile Doomlight, Vehicle Combo, and Shielded Sniper, respectively.
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[Battle Royale/Northern Knight] Adrenaline Rush



This build is strategically similar to the Pulverize build, but we are pursuing a Northern Knight build that is completely optimized for close combat. Also, the difference is that it is meant to take full advantage of Northern Knight's combo "Shielded Jumping Attack", rather than relying on magnificent HP to be strong at close r