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illimitato gt mimic ginku bikaku wedge potere quinxs lt
[Quinxs, Bikaku <Wedge> Ginku <Mimic>] Potere illimitato
Build was made by L1MB0_016 on PS4

This build utilizes quick strikes from Bikaku <Wedge> and can gain health back in combat

Swap Health +70 | -10 Attack for OPEN WIDE
Increase Awakening Fill Rate to 160+ (-50 Defense) 

  • You want to save your Super Attack when there are multiple Ghoul's in the area to get the best outcome for Random HP Recovery upon Dealing Damage
  • Use Bikaku <Wedge> Triangle move rather than Circle attack, as the triangle attack is more frontal and can reach slightly farther upon fully charged
  • You can gain Health back from the Random HP Recovery upon Dealing Damage so you don't have to heal as often
  • Similar to the Heal-Fire Build you can preform a Self-Revival but not as effective
  • Use your Entry-Level (Pistol) to stop Ghoul's from running away from you or trying to get closer, while your shooting them try to get closer and use ether Ginku <Mimic> or Bikaku <Wedge> to apply more damage
Anything that can one-shot you




* Request us to list your live stream officially in the document if you live stream this build! 3 people maximum per each build.
* Alternatively, you can also comment below with your YouTube or Twitch address.
* Thank you very much if you can rate the build by clicking stars above (near Thread Rating), and review the build by commenting below once you played it!

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