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Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Itsuki Guide
This is based off of what I currently know, this guide may be changed within the future.

Itsuki has many skills that can assist the the team helping them hit their target. His gadgets can help him get closer to a down player without being seen or to get away from danger. He can also evade certain sword attacks with his SMG.

He is well equipped for a mid ranged fight, being able to tag targets and see where the opponent are within combat. However he may struggle in more close ranged targets as his SMG does little damage and his sniper rifle shoots slow.

The Art of Fighting
  • Sirius 2++
- You want to swap to this weapon at start of the match, then apply Trigger-Happy and Toxic Gas Blast, you don't need to use Hawk Eye until later on ingame.
- Shoot the Toxic Gas Blast at characters who are either grouped together or in combat. However if you can also use this later if you want.
- The only time you need to use Spinning Wheel is when your about to be hit by a sword skill, or a skill that causes the opponent to rush over to you, if timed correctly you can evade over them.
- While out of combat use Hawk Eye so you can see where the  opponents are for a few seconds (You can also use this after Satellite Scan for a few additional second of seeing them)

  • Dragonbreaker+
- You want to mark as many players as possible with Eagle-Eye Beacon (hit from middle/far distance), usually I go for the sword/medic players first. While this is applied to the opponent you may get a rare chance of getting a headshot. (From what I have seen)
- While a player is marked with Eagle-Eye Beacon, they are shown to the entire team regardless of where they go until the effect wears off
- When using Explosive Shot wait for the Bullet Circle to get slightly smaller so it will have a better chance of hitting the target. Crouching helps increase accuracy slightly, however you will be exposed to attacks.

- Toxic Blast > Weapon Swap > Eagle-Eye Beacon > Explosive shot > then wait few seconds after each shot
Explosive shot damage is 2.25 upon hitting it target

- Explosive shot > Weapon Swap > Spinning Wheel
Use this if an opponent trys to get close to you, if the explosive shot his they will get knocked back for a second then use spinning wheel so you become difficult to hit.

If you go over your target with Spinning Wheel there is a chance of getting a headshot, Spinning Wheel skill ends upon touching the ground.


- Itsuki has a smoke bomb and Optical Cloak allowing him to become invisible to all players. This is useful when reviving a teammate that is down, or as a use to escape.
- Place either his stun mine or land mine down where players cannot see them (visit this guide for more information)
- If an opponent gets down place a land mine at their body, adding less time for the revival.


- Sadly I don't think conceal does anything to the opponent accuracy to you. So there is no need to use this skill.
- As I said before crouching helps increase accuracy slightly, apply this with Eagle-Eye Beacon and you should be able to hit your target.
- Explosive Shot is great when a player is on low heath, this will also cause slight knockback and expose the to an additional shot for a second from the recovery.
- If your aiming is good with the Dragonbreaker+ Scope, try aiming for the head. This will have the chance of getting critical hits if you are close enough.) (Special thanks to fredomn for find this)




* Request us to list your livestream officially in the document if you livestream this character! 3 people maximum per each guide.
* Alternatively, you can also comment below with your YouTube or Twitch address.
* Thank you very much if you can rate the hero guide by clicking stars above (near Thread Rating), and review the hero guide by commenting below once you played it!
"The two most important days of your life is the day you are born, and the day you discover... why." -Mark Twain
Awesome guide, I will wait until you finish it and once you finished, I will test/practice like you said!
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New thread - How to follow a match you are not in in forum Pro Super Mecha Champions Guide.
(5 hours ago)AEG Jotaku Wrote:  Hello, someone asked me about how to follow and watch a match you are not in, so I post this guide.
This is also a requirement for you to finish your daily.

Basically, you press a button as follows


Press anyone you want to watch, as follows


And you will enter as a spectator, then press 2 buttons at the bottom.

Thanks all! Hope it helped you Happy
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New post - RE: SMC Battle Royale Guide.
(Yesterday, 02:26 AM)AEG Jotaku Wrote:  Very decent and long!
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Just to add a bit more thing, I think it would be a little bit better to include
1) brief introduction about guns, in which cases what kinds of guns are effective,
2) Explanation of pilot and mecha mastery,
3) explanation of why there are 2 core slots (beginner usually don't know why there are 2 kinds exists but in inventory it shows only 1 core slot. Well, actually I did lol)

plus a link to our meta build page for players to get much stronger?
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New post - RE: Contest of the Month [October 2021].
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New post - RE: SMC Battle Royale Guide.
(10-25-2021, 02:43 AM)AEG Jotaku Wrote:  @Dvoramla thanks for the elite guide! i will read it thoroughly and reply to it later! wow the length is very decent...
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@Dvoramla thanks for the elite guide! i will read it thoroughly and reply to it later! wow the length is very decent...
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New thread - SMC Battle Royale Guide in forum Pro Super Mecha Champions Guide.
(10-21-2021, 08:59 PM)Dvoramla Wrote:  Based on the Steam version, released on March 25, 2021
In this guide will appear mostly tips about the gameplay of Battle Royale in SMC, since there are no rules that mark that what appears in this "guide" is what has to be done to the letter :v

Preparation for Departure
Before starting a game in BR (Battle Royale) regardless of whether it is solo or team, it is recommended that you prepare the following aspectsTongueilot(s) to Use

Since all pilots have different skills, the selection of the driver that suits your style of play is important since during the first minutes of the game you will not have a mecha with which to fight against other people; and selecting the right driver can make it easier for you to start the games. For example, if you are one of those people who ...
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New post - RE: AEG Kandagawa Jet Girls Pro League Fall 2021 (Season 4).
(10-23-2021, 09:53 PM)Admin Wrote:  AEG Pro League Season 4 Week 3 for Kandagawa Jet Girls

3 Top Players of this Week:
Top #1: @kh_jyuichi (29 score)
Top #2: @BAYONETTAGEAR3 (13 score)
Top #2: None

3 Top Ranked Players So Far:
Top #1: @kh_jyuichi (21 final score)
Top #2: @AZuRMuNE (12 score)
Top #3: @BAYONETTAGEAR3 (10 final score)

Whole Participants List:

You can watch whole matches below (please thumbs up the video & subscribe Youtube channel!)
[Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-ujJSErAC4]

* Those who haven't applied to AEG Pro League 2021 Fall have not been scored. Apply now in this page! If you previously participated in AEG Pro League, we will add all your score from previous matches and show it to the leaderboard once you registered, applied, and appear in the next se...
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New post - RE: AEG Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Hero PvP Pro League Fall 2021 (Season 4).
(10-22-2021, 02:26 PM)Admin Wrote:  AEG Pro League Season 4 Week 3 for Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet (Hero)

3 Top Players of this Week:
Top #1: @KWSM11cak10keitodama
Top #2: @Fredonm
Top #3: @*UCHI*

@KWSM11cak10keitodama - 4 in Most Damage on Win, 3 in Most Damage on Lose, 4 in Most Kill on Win, 2 in Most Kill on Lose, 1 in Down on Win, 1 Medal on Win, 5 Wins = total 54 score
@Fredonm - 1 in Down on Win, 1 in Medal on Win, 1 in Revive on Win, 2 in Heal on Win, 2 in Heal on Lose, 6 Wins = total 33 score
@*UCHI* - 2 in Most Damage on Win, 1 in Most Kill on Win, 1 in Down on Win, 1 in Down on Lose, 4 Wins = total 25.75

3 Top Ranked Players So Far:
Top #1: @Fredonm & @KWSM11cak10keitodama12 final score)
Top #3: @*UCHI* (9 final score)
Top #2: @illyasviel818 & @xitsdawnv & @BAYONETTAGEAR3 (5 final score)

Whole Part...
22 Oct 14:25
New post - RE: AEG Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Hero PvP Pro League Fall 2021 (Season 4).
(10-22-2021, 02:25 PM)Admin Wrote:  Marking Criteria Modifications:
1) 2 times score multiplier to MVP on losing side will be decreased to 1.5 times, as follows:

Damage Dealt/Kills - 2 score per win/draw, 3 score per lose
Downs/Medals - 1.5 score per win/draw, 2.25 score per lose
Life Healed/Allies Revived - 1 score per win/draw, 1.5 score per lose

2) Winrate score doubled, as follows:
Winrate - 4 score per win
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(10-22-2021, 12:16 AM)Buffalo_Recon Wrote:  (1 hour ago)AEG Jotaku Wrote:  Thank you very much for posting the build!
Looks like some parts of it has been excluded such as modules and mecha mastery but, maybe it would be good idea to create one by starting from in the images with our own ideas.
Is it possible to obtain missing parts from them? if not maybe I will continue to make one based on some info from the images.

P.S. if you meant to participate in the build/guide contest, it should be posted in the build forum, not here, with minimum word count 500.
As i get more time ill make a more detailed list and description of everything and thank you for letting me know (^u^)
21 Oct 23:55
New thread - Best PvP Gacha Games 2021 in forum Anime Game News.
(10-21-2021, 11:51 PM)AEG Jotaku Wrote:  [attachment=797]

Super Mecha Champions

It is an online PvP game in the battle royale genre, and almost all means of attack are guns. The difference from Fortnite is that the character graphic design is very cute, and instead of building action at important moments, you summon a machine called a mecha to fight. However, the game is well balanced, so it is not always a game to win just by using a mecha. Quite a lot of PvP gamers are playing. New characters, mechas, skins and more are released every few weeks, almost everything can be purchased through gacha. From my experience, there were several times that I got 2 rare items, in which each says a 5% chance of getting it in its item description, by spending around 50 USD. You can think of it as a gacha game with that level of probability, ...

Voice/Video Channel

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet #1 Kandagawa Jet Girls #1 Super Mecha Champions #1