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gt ghoul bikaku whirlwind sweep lt
[Ghoul, Bikaku<Sweep>] Whirlwind

An offensive build which focuses on the attack improvement of the special attack with Bikaku 's long range of the special move attack. The keypoint is that you get 200% DPS from "Temp. Special Move Attack & Defense Boost" and 300% from "Special Move Damage +300%" as soon as you cast the special move attack. Thus, 300%+200%=500% boost on your special move!

Attack Damage + 100% can be replaced to "Thinking of her", allowing you to gain faster gauge to add frequency into your special move.

  • You can obtain the gauge by getting hit from the enemy. So you will need to fight closely so that you can do this Health + 70% and Bikaku Sweep's skill that hits frontal.
  • Use the skill that hits in circle with caution. You will get countered in most cases because it is too slow, especially in dueling. You may only want to use it for spamming it after your special move that grants temporary attack and defense boost. 
  • Make sure that you are fighting in order to primarily gain the gauge.
  • In the maps like Cochlea, you may want to use overuse skill that attack only the front, blowing enemy to sky so that they can fall down to underground, making an easy and lucky kill.
  • One of the best time that you may want to perform special move is, when you get zerged so that your movement is restricted.
  • Always watch your HP so that you know when to run away to get healing item. You need to alive as long as possible until you gain full gauge to make special move.
This is quite one-shot build, so that anything that has fast speed to dodge your special move will counter this.



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* If you can rate it by clicking stars, and review the build by commenting below once you played it, thank you very much!

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