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[CCG, Team Deathmatch] Dual Charger
(add an image of characters of all 4 builds and their symbolic class images later)

A balanced team composition that generally works. It best works in the game modes that count killing point as primary score for winning than objective game modes that require some tasks that are not about killing as primary score.

Front Line
[Quinx] CCG Lieutenant - Hybrid (Off
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What's your SAO:FB Hero S Tier OP Characters (Deathmatch)?
I personally think Kirito, Kureha, Alice, Silica (in terms of the supporting) and one sniper dude (I don't remember the name) for Hero PvP.
But on top of it, one's gaming skill is way much more important though than characters. However, it is clear that Opness is also something that cannot be overlooked. Worth a discussion here.

You can vote your OP charactrers above as well.

What is your top OP characters for deathmatch mode?
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[DeathMatch, Aegis Knight/Dance of Wind] Osprey-II

This build focuses on hit-and-run style that comes with quick attack and frequent evading using longbow, and fight effectively when it finally comes to close combat using sword/shield. Difference from Osprey build is that it focuses a bit more on combo aspect and the damage & evasion side of longbow.

  1. Charge may be replaced with your own
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I prefer 4vs4 LoL mode the most, how about you?
Vote above, please!

Hi guys I am new to Kurtzpel PvP started few weeks ago. Since then I played various kinds of PvP existing in Kurtzpel.

Sad thing is that I liked LoL mode the most among them, but since PvP isn't really active in this game, it looks like only 2vs2 is playable in the most time. 

Reason is simply because lots of drama happens in this map type, plus less combat involvement but more strategy since I am noob!

Which game mode do you like the most? I want to see the resul
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[DeathMatch, Sacred Guardian/Aegis Knight] Angel One - Updating
This document is currently updating. Check later SmileofDeath

1. Used by top tournament player @Surreality 
2. Infinite combo possibility