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bazaltjoe tank why use you yell? teamdeathmatch guide dyne would taunting
[PvP] Why would you use Taunting Yell?
Better response on post Why would you use Taunting Yell?
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When it comes to Taunting Yell and PvP, it looks like these things shouldn't be mixed. In Co-op and Single-Player Taunting Yell increases hate towards you to every NPC enemy it hits but how do you wanna do that in PvP? Players won't just start attacking you because you used that skill...

If you aren't crazy, you wouldn't bring this skill to an actual PvP. However in Hero PvP (only in Team Deathmatch) there are 2 characters that actually have Taunting Yell in their skill set. Those 2 characters are tanks - Bazalt Joe and Dyne. It's understandable why they have it in Boss Battle PvP mode but in Team Deathmatch it feels like a wasted skill slot.

However it does something...

Threat to Engineers

Every tank's nightmare is being stunned but those 2 characters are prepared for it. They know how to deal with those pesky mines. Taunting Yell actually activates all mines it touches. This saves the tank and their allies a lot of trouble like being stunned, suppressed or just exploded.

How does this actually work? Whatever Taunting Yell touches, that thing reacts the same way as if it was taking damage. Therefore if it hits your enemy, it shows you where they are and even activates their Hyper Awareness.

So next time when you will be choosing a tank, try Bazalt Joe or Dyne. Nothing has been wasted on them.
I think this has been shallowly covered by @Scoobert2000 in Going indepth about certain skills in TDM/FFA.
Thus, this is more in-depth guide about Taunting by focusing it. This skill could be a lot better if we could be able to deploy mines more than 1 so that we may lure the enemies to some area and bomb lol

Anyways, it's good time to remind why and how it is used in PvP. Although I don't play those 2 characters.
Thank you very much.
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