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[v0.59.0/Solo/Fiora] Solo Two-handed Fiora Meta 2022 Q2 [Plan ID 553536]
This melee build is an introduction and description of the Two-handed Sword Fiora build, which has the strongest winrate among all Two-handed Sword Fiora builds for solo queue in the livestat of dak.gg website as of the end of March 2022. Simply put, it is a build that can do a lot of damage in a short time, and you can stably melee the enemy by activating the strong defense that is maintained for a short time plus stun.

[b]Build Performance Analysis using [url=https://www.an
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[v0.63.0/Duo & Squad/Fiora] Paladin
This is a Fiora two-handed sword build highly optimized for the use in duo/squad mode only.
If you not getting at least 20% winrate in duo/squad by using dak.gg's any Fiora build, try this. This should work like a charm.

Build Metrics using Build Measurement Guide (LV20 Fiora vs Dummy with hp 2400/def 200):
  • Dmg per 10 sec (Stationary Mele