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[Offense, Dual Pistol] Zab Original Melee (Zabflonne)

A build for PvP maximizing the use of dual pistol's movement in order to melee.

Miyabi card is an option that can be replaced by your own choice.

  • Use dolphin pet in close fight.
  • You can inflict melee combo by using Yozakura -> melee or Katsuragi -> melee.
  • Once your combo is successful, melee-lock your enemy and attack until downed.
  • Rarely, Katsuragi -> melee combo doesn't work and your enemy tri
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[Hybrid, Pistol] Melee Pistol (Mumeii)

An well balanced pistol build for PvP with both offense and support capability.

Miyabi, Homura, and Ryona cards are an option that can be replaced by your own choice.

  • Use dolphin pet in close to medium range fight.
  • Use Ryona card to detect any stealth enemy, or nerf their DPS regularly.
  • In close range fight, given Yozakura and Miyabi cards works best. However, if they are not ready, sometimes fire b
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How to melee spam? (aka. infinite) A guide with videos
In this game you can make continuous melee spam that results your enemy in unable to counter until your enemy dies, both on the ground or in the air.
Effectiveness differs to each characters, but currently Nero is the best character to do this for air melee spam and young Altera is the best for ground melee spam. So I will make an example with Nero for air melee spam.

1. You jump one time (you can jump 2 times in total).
2. Melee attack
3. Then dash, but make sure you dash to somewhere aro
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How to melee lock, very useful technique in PvP (with video)
[Video: http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XF1I-fgyXHQ]

Melee locking provides you to continuously melee your enemy while making your enemy uncountable.

1. Lock target first
2. Melee, then quickly jump
3. Repeat #2 until your enemy dies.

One caution is that if your enemy is pushed back to wall, then melee lock won't work.
For this reason, we highly recommend you use ultimate Asuka. Her melee won't push your enemy back.
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Temp Attack and Defense Boost effects more than Melee Attack Damage
From what I've noticed it seems like Temp Attack and Defense Boost (any versions) effect more than Melee Attack Damage:

Here's what it also effects:

  1. Grenade
  2. Range Attack Damage

Range Attack Damage is also based off of if your using the +100 or +150 Range Attack Damage skill set
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[v0.56.0/Duo/Fiora] Melee and Skill Damage Hybrid
This build inherits both two builds of Fiora two-handed sword melee build and Fiora raphier skill damage build. This build is designed to deliver about 75% performance of the original Fiora two-handed sword melee build in terms of melee,
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[v0.59.0/Duo & Squad/Fiora] 10 Meter Jumping Fiora Rapier Melee Build
This is a melee build that quickly charges long distances and crushes weak defense enemies with Fiora's strong physique plus the additional barrier and defense boost that can be obtained from augments. In 1vs1, it is slightly weaker than the current Fiora two-handed sword meta build because it cannot block enemy's incoming deadly skills unlike two-handed swor
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[v0.60.0/Duo & Squad/Fiora] Rapier Melee Fiora for Duo/Squad
This is an upgraded version of 10 Meter Jumping Fiora Ver.1 in terms of changes in the build metrics.

Build Metrics using Build Measurement Guide (LV20 Fiora vs Dummy with hp 2400/def 200):
  • Dmg per 10 sec (Stationary Mele