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Who will be next champion of anime gamers?
It's just one week before the release of Kandagawa Jet Girls!

As the champions of anime gamers at the middle of 2020 are announced here, We are still looking for next anime gaming champion for next half of an year who will stand with existing top level of anime gamers such as Mumeii, Uchi, and Traplord Gianni!

The important thing to notice is that, we don't only look at only the gaming skill being exceptional,
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[Event] 2x Score boost in AEG Pro League Next Week!
Hello, if you join AEG Pro League next week for Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet and Kandagawa Jet Girls on October 30th and November 1st respectively, you will gain 2 points instead of 1 if you become MVP during next week. 

Hope to see you guys in AEG Pro League!
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What Next Gen Gaming Platform(s) are you getting?
Previously, I actually had a Nintendo Switch. However, the console environment was quite difficult to play games for multiplayer unless the game is very popular which basically has lots of player base, like OverWatch.

For example, chat between players is prohibited. Although you can register Twitter on the console and speak on Twitter, it is true that it is still a difficult structure in gaming where talking in real time is important.

I was originally going to buy a PS5. But in the past, Sony
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Why Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Is the Next Big Esports Craze
Figure 1: DB Xenoverse 2

What are Esports Games
Any game that rewards its players with cash prizes upon winning is an esports game. The ultimate desire to secure the highest prize pool drives players to clash with all the professional players of the game in an organized battle arena. People gather in large numbers to watch esports tournaments and entertain themselves with competitive gameplay.