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Ranks & Awards System Plan - UPDATING

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Website function update & plan
Hello, AEG members!
Now you can set up country flag that will appear besides your name.
You can set it up in user cp.

As for plan, our community will more focus on creating decent builds, guides from now on, along with pro league that can utilize those builds and guides. 

The current goal of the community is to create the one of best anime gaming communities for all anime games, especially Moe Moe Kyun games.
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Website Badge update and plan
Hello, always thanks for your interests in AEG.

Following badges are implemented (actually there are more):

They will be given automatically by the website system to users when each users satisfying specific conditions for obtaining badges after X days from the time a user posted own builds/guides/team comps. (X days will be determined later, but it will be very likely between 10~20 days. This time is needed to rate user's post by as many as users possible).

In order to check
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AEG 2022 Goal and Plan
Followings is our goal next year:
1. Active Forum in terms of posting, especially quality pro guides with good length, discussions, chit-chat, and so on.
2. Starting the pro league services on PC anime games.

Following changes are confirmed to be implemented in the future:
1. No need of your own website (or Discord) for eSports team registration.
- The website will let you create your clan webpage inside of AnimeEsports.com, without needing to create your external web services/Dis