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Looking for friends to play with for leveling up
Hello I newly started this game but things are getting very hard after getting to missions in 2nd map.
If you play this game, please let me know your ID so that I can add you into friend list.

Thank you very much.
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Reasons why you want to play anime games over western games
Well, it's tedious to talk about a difference between anime games and western games is just a character looking like anime vs real, so we will skip mentioning more about this point.

We will more focus on actual gameplay difference. I hope it could be a reason why you want to play anime games for their uniqueness's.

If you think there exists own uniqueness's for each of any games regardless of anime games, and yes, that's right. 
At the same time, we found a tendency that frequently happens in
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Is anyone going to play Blue Protocol?
Is anyone going to play Blue Protocol?
I am interested in playing this game.
This is PC game and will be released by Bandai Namco, I heard.