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Best Anime Games of All Time (With the First Anime Game)

Best Anime Games of All Time (With the First Anime Game)

Gaming is a single word that holds a different meaning and importance for anyone that has experienced it. For some gaming is how we detach from the problems of real life and let go of all our stress and for some gaming is more than just a hobby it is a career. But one thing is for certain gaming has gained mainstream attention in recent years due to massive controversies and successes. This new mainstream fame has also shed light on many different aspects which to many were unknown before now.  One such aspect of gaming is how it can merge two mediums into one, the key among them being anime.

This is because since the early days of the Attari people have been trying to bring the immersive stories told by anime to a wider audience in a more interactive way. Efforts only escalated when Nintendo saved gaming in the early 80s with Mario. Nintendo also showed the world that Japan was the best at creating games and it just so happened that is also where anime was first created, which was a match made in heaven. But wait I hear you ask what are anime games and how did they start? rest assured dear reader as this article will delve into the origin of anime games and the best ones since the 80s.

Table of Contents
  1. Origin of Anime Games
  2. Best Anime Games in the 1980s
  3. Best Anime Games in the 1990s
  4. Best Anime Games in the 2000s
  5. Best Anime Games in the 2010s
  6. Best Anime Games in the 2020s
  7. Conclusion

Origin of Anime Games

[Image: best_anime_games_of_all_time-shin_megami...ersona.jpg]
Figure 1-1. Shin Megami Tensei and Persona

Now to start it off let me explain to you what are anime games, while the name might be enough of an indicator, it is far more complex than that. In essence, anime games are the ones that are either based on a popular anime series or manga, but it also includes those games which mimic the style and aesthetics of Japanese animated media. One of the most popular and genre-defining series which replicates the aesthetics of old-era anime is Megami Tensei. But new fans of the medium might be familiar with its latest iteration, the Persona series.

We have examples of many franchises and series that fall under the anime games umbrella but finding out where and when these games started is a very difficult topic, as we have many conflicting sources. One concrete source we have is an article written by the folks over at Crunchyroll. According to them, a significant milestone was marked in the year 1980. Taito, a renowned game developer, introduced the world to what is believed to be the first anime game - Lupin III. This game, though seemingly rudimentary by today's standards, was a product of its time, mirroring the simplicity and straightforward objectives of its contemporaries. It drew inspiration from the very first Wolfenstein games by Id Software.

Players were invited to step into the shoes of the notorious thief, Arsene Lupin III, embarking on daring heists and evading the relentless pursuit of law enforcement and their canine companions. The game unfolded on a single screen, its narrative advanced through the use of cutscenes interspersed between stages, a novel concept at the time. Yet, despite its association with the anime genre, Lupin III was devoid of the distinctive anime art style. The game's sprite work was simple and undefined, offering no clear visual link to its anime roots. Only those who had previously immersed themselves in the Lupin anime series could discern the connection, recognizing the game for what it truly was - an anime game.

[Image: best_anime_games_of_all_time-lupin3_1980.jpg]
Figure 1-2. Lupin III Arcade Game

While that was happening, in the same epoch, a distinct set of trailblazers were carving out their own niche. These pioneers were venturing into uncharted territories, integrating the vibrant aesthetics of anime art into their games, a feature particularly prominent in titles designed for an adult audience.

The year would be April 1982, when the game named "Night Life", crafted by KOEI, would be released and while not having anime graphics, it would prompt the development of anime games for an adult audience. A decision that would work for the best as the player base consisted of mature people due to the financial and technical hurdles of gaming in this era. This path also led to the birth of a unique genre, a fusion of adult themes and the vivid, expressive art style characteristic of anime. Following are three games that resulted from this, it is also key to note that unlike Lupin III these games had true anime artwork and graphics incorporated in them making them the first anime games in the eyes of many.

  • Yakyūken (1982)
[Image: best_anime_games_of_all_time-yakyuken_1982.jpg]
Figure 1-3. Yakyūken

Yakyūken was the 1982 creation of Tsukumo Electric, developed by Makimura Tadashi. This game, while not as widely recognized as some of its contemporaries, played a significant role in the evolution of anime games. It was the first anime game to incorporate anime graphics, marking a departure from the norm of the time. The game, with its unique blend of anime art and gameplay, offered players a novel experience, setting the stage for the future of anime games. On a side note, an anime girl very similar to the anime girl in this game appears or reappears in the later game titled Mari-chan's Close Call (released in February 1983) because Enix (currently Square Enix) commissioned its game development to Makimura Tadashi as Yakyūken received a positive response from the public.

  • Seikochan SOS (1983)
[Image: best_anime_games_of_all_time-seikochan_sos_1983.jpg]
Figure 1-4. Seikochan SOS

Seikochan SOS was developed by Cosmic Soft in 1983. This game, too, featured anime graphics, further solidifying the trend started by "Yakyūken." However, unlike its predecessor, "Seikochan SOS" was a shooting game, demonstrating the versatility of anime art in different game genres.

  • Angels' Afternoon (1985)
[Image: best_anime_games_of_all_time-angels_afternoon_1985.jpg]
Figure 1-5. Angels' Afternoon

In 1985 Angels' Afternoon was released by JAST. This game was not just another addition to the growing list of anime games; it was a pioneer in its own right. "Angels' Afternoon" is credited with starting the Visual Novel genre for bishōjo games, a genre that would go on to become a staple in the world of anime games. Angles Afternoon also caused a paradigm shift of sorts, as the first-person perspective allowed players to see the Bishojo characters in a new light and start to develop feelings for them. The blank slate protagonist was a by-product of this as players could easily project their personality upon him and interact with the characters they liked. No one could have foreseen how this novel concept would become the backbone of the anime games moving forward. On a side note, while many call Angles Afternoon the first visual novel, it is not correct as that honor goes to The Portopia Serial Murder Case.

All this tells us that the origin of anime games where marked by two distinct phases. The first had titles like "Lupin III" which, despite their anime origins, lacked anime graphics due to hardware constraints. The second was carved by adult-oriented games such as "Yakyūken" and "Seikochan SOS," which utilized anime art to capitalize on the success of KOEI's "Night Life." There was also progression in what kind of anime games as we went from simple arcade games to in-depth narrative games. As technology advanced, anime art became a staple in mainstream games, marking a new era in the gaming industry. Now lets us continue to the best games of each decade starting from the 1980s till the present time.

Best Anime Games in the 1980s

  • Athena
[Image: best_anime_games_of_all_time-athena_1986.jpg]
Figure 2-1. Athena

Platforms: Switch, PlayStation, Windows, and Arcade games.

In the late 1980s, SNK saw how the tides were shifting with the popularity of games that included anime art and decided to take a big risk by creating a game that in the minds of many is the first ever true anime game, Athena. Released in 1986 on arcades and a few select personal computers Athena is a simplistic arcade-style platformer where you take the role of the titular princess Athena as she journeys through the multiple dimensions to save her kingdom and the world. Many also praised SNK for being one of the very first companies alongside Nintendo to feature a Female protagonist, who is not a damsel in distress.

[Image: best_anime_games_of_all_time-athena_1986-gameplay1.jpg]
Figure 2-2. Athena gameplay

Featuring some of the most visually striking and vibrant graphics helped Athena stand out among its peers, the anime aesthetics and visuals also helped bring in an audience different from gamers. As many early anime fans supported it with gusto, as they thought this was the path forward for both gaming and anime. While it did get high praise the gameplay was not complicated and it was quite easy to finish the game which by arcade standards was pretty bad. But it was also due to hardware concerns as the game which would revolutionize gaming was still decades away. All in all, Athena is a must-play for any curious fan wanting to see the true roots of anime gaming.

  • Dragon Quest
[Image: best_anime_games_of_all_time-dragon_quest_1986.jpg]
Figure 2-3. Dragon Quest

Platforms: Switch, PlayStation, Android, and Famicom.

Few games are able to attain such a level of popularity that even non-gamers know you as the official mascot of gaming. Enix (Currently Square Enix) in 1986 released a game that would do this very same thing, known to many as Dragon Quest, while true fans know it as the birth of the old-school JRGs. It would start the nearly 30 years of dominance of turn-based combat and silent anime protagonist. Dragon Quest soon become more than just a game as it would become so popular with the Japanese population that many organizations would give paid leave on the release date of later games. This was due to the easily understood narrative of the game and the pure whimsy of this fantasy world to explore. The latter the reason was why it was able to edge out Final Fantasy on the home turf.

[Image: best_anime_games_of_all_time-dragon_ques...eplay1.jpg]
Figure 2-4. Dragon Quest Gameplay

Gameplay wise the game was a breath of fresh air as it allowed you to control the characters in a turn order. Not only was it a change of pace from the simple platformers of the 70s it also allowed you to strategize and completely optimize your party. Which interm would lead many to love the management aspect of the game and result in the creation of a whole other genre. Modern standards might make the game look outdated, but the sheer impact of the game on pop culture and gaming can not be disregarded. Dragon Quest is the game where many aspiring gamers should start as it shows how the genre has evolved while keeping the soul alive.

  • Ys I: Ancient Ys Vanished
[Image: best_anime_games_of_all_time-ys_i_ancien...d_1987.jpg]
Figure 2-5. Ys I: Ancient Ys Vanished

Platforms: PC-88, PC-98, FM-7, MSX2, Famicom, Master System, MS-DOS, Apple IIGS, Sharp X1, X68000.

Nihon Falcom is a company I see many gamers forget about, which is scandalous when you realize that not only does it have the longest-running story in any anime game via the Legend of Heroes series, but it also created the ARPG genre. Yes, you heard me correctly Nihon Falcom created the coveted ARPG genre with Ys I (1987). Ys is a simple story of a man by the name of Adol Christin as he tries to find the answers to the many mysteries of the Vanished city of Ys. Many at the time of release praised the game for the way it incorporated the narrative directly into the environment and how many mysteries can only be solved after exploring every nook and cranny.

[Image: best_anime_games_of_all_time-ys_i_ancien...eplay1.jpg]
Figure 2-6. Ys I: Ancient Ys Vanished Gameplay

Gameplay wise Ys invented the revolutionary “Bump system” and it is as glorious as you can imagine you simply equip your weapon and ram your sprite into the sprite of the enemy. While rudimentary in design this was the first ever real-time action combat system ever and for the time and hardware, it’s a miracle how they were able to pull it off with such accuracy. In the end, Ys is a fascinating franchise as one can easily see the skeleton of the series’ most iconic mechanics in the first game, and let’s not forget it also brought us the wall-breaking lovable friend of Adol, Dogi.

Best Anime Games in the 1990s

  • Pokémon
[Image: best_anime_games_of_all_time-pokemon_1996.jpg]
Figure 3-1. Pokémon Blue Version

Platforms: Game Boy, Nintendo 3DS.

The 90s was a time of unexpected growth for nations and an era of nostalgia which will never come again. If you ask any child of that era what they want to do when they grow up, there is a 90 percent chance that child will say, Pokémon Master. That is the level of influence this simple little game about capturing pocket monsters from Nintendo held. Pokémon for many will be their first-ever interaction with anime and the gateway to anime games. Much of this is because of the simplicity of it all, unlike its later games Pokémon Blue and Red featured a simple-to-learn mechanic of fighting and catching Pokemon. While it may be called simple, no one has been able to recreate the magic of it since its release.

[Image: best_anime_games_of_all_time-pokemon_1996-gameplay1.jpg]
Figure 3-2. Pokémon Gameplay

Story and narrative wise the game sees us take control of a silent protagonist as he ventures forth into the world to defeat the eight most powerful trainers in the region. All the while also trying his best to dismantle the criminal organization that has been terrorizing the people, also did i mention that our player character is 10 years old according to the lore. Questionable parenting aside, the first game featured 151 pocket monsters for you to catch and fight alongside. Each with its own specific sprite and lore. So if you are a new fan and want to see how your beloved series started out then Pokémon Red and Blue are the way to go, just be careful as they are a bit rough around the edges.

  • Samurai Aces
[Image: best_anime_games_of_all_time-samurai_aces_1993.jpg]
Figure 3-3. Samurai Aces

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Android, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, Arcade game.

It is crazy to think how many anime games were either genre-defining or started a brand new one. Take Samurai Aces by Psikyo for example. While released in 1993, it was the most famous of any classic shoot of em games. This was due to many reasons ranging from the well-thought-out alternative Japan to the massive difficulty spike the game throws at its players, which keeps them coming back. Difficulty was also the reason many arcade owners loved it. Gameplay wise one can easily see the core mechanics that would be the foundation of other shoot-em-ups like the Touhou Project.

[Image: best_anime_games_of_all_time-samurai_ace...eplay1.jpg]
Figure 3-4. Samurai Aces Gameplay

Samurai Aces was also quite famous for its diverse cast of playable characters, each with their own unique aircraft and special abilities. Players can choose from a range of samurai warriors, each with their own fighting style and personality, adding depth and variety to the gameplay. Anime art style and multiple endings, offer replayability and encourage players to explore different routes and strategies. While also adding depth to the narrative of the game and making exploring alternative routes engaging and fun. So if you are in the mood for a old school shoot ‘em up then Samurai Aces is the game for you.

  • Chrono Trigger
[Image: best_anime_games_of_all_time-chrono_trigger_1995.jpg]
Figure 3-5. Chrono Trigger

Platforms: Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Windows, Nintendo DS, and Android.

Chrono Trigger is a name so well-known that even non-gamers know it as one of the best games to have ever been created. With due reason as it features one of the best fictional stories to have ever been penned. Created by geniuses over at Square Enix in 1995 and art done by the legendary Akira Toriyama creator of Dragon Ball. Chrono Triggers takes the player on a ride through time as our protagonist and his ally try to stop an evil older than the world itself. For a 90s game, the story is simply a masterpiece as it has the players witness a whole host of emotions ranging from the joy of victory to the solemn realization that some events can not change. It’s a game about growth, finding your purpose in life and against all odds fighting for a better future.

[Image: best_anime_games_of_all_time-chrono_trig...eplay1.jpg]
Figure 3-6. Chrono Trigger Gameplay

On the gameplay side, it features the same turn-based mechanics made popular by Dragon Quest. But now with a few unique twists such as an actively changeable party and an AP bar that tells you who will move first. All the characters are also distinct from one another and common tropes of that time. As our companies include a cavewoman, a frog knight, an ex-evil wizard, a lost princess, a genius inventor, a living robot, and a silent protagonist with the weight of the world on his shoulders. Chrono Trigger is one of the few games every gamer should experience as there is no other like it.

Best Anime Games in the 2000s

  • Phantasy Star Online
[Image: best_anime_games_of_all_time-phantasy_st...e_2000.jpg]
Figure 4-1. Phantasy Star Online

Platforms: Dreamcast, Microsoft Windows, GameCube, Xbox.

The 2000s was truly the era when gaming changed forever as Doom had already evolved the medium to a new age and later on with the widespread commercialization of the internet game developers saw a new frontier to explore. This new frontier would allow players to not play alongside each other but do it from great distances in the comfort of their own homes. Yes, the era of the Internet had begun, and standing head and shoulders among the rest would be Phantasy Star Online. Developed by Sega and released in 2000. Phantasy Star Online is the world’s first console MMORPG. It allowed players to not only create their own characters but also allowed them to socialize with players from around the world.

[Image: best_anime_games_of_all_time-phantasy_st...eplay1.jpg]
Figure 4-2. Phantasy Star Online Gameplay

Gameplay wise it had all the requirements of a good MMORPG such as character progression, a continuous narrative, loot, and a very well-crafted end game that had players hooked for days. And while it may have not been able to maintain its place as the best due to the release of World of Warcraft, it is still played to this day by die-hard fans through sites like Schthack PSO! So if you want to experience the glory days of MMORPGs before all the loot boxes and game passes come log into the timeless experience known as Phantasy Star Online.

  • Fate / Stay Night
[Image: best_anime_games_of_all_time-fate_stay_night_2004.jpg]
Figure 4-3. Fate / Stay Night

Platforms: Windows

Fate / Stay Night is a game series known far and wide for being as crazy and unhinged as its fans. Fate at its core is a simple concept: seven mages summon legends of the past and duke it out for the chance to get a wish granted from the holy grail. Now I may have enraged many Fate fans with that description so let me explain it a bit more. The game takes place in an alternative world where all the legends of myth and fairy tales existed. But their existence came at the cost of a mystical holy grail that could grant any wish, that is why mages who live among normal humans have been fighting to bring balance to the world. The main draw of the game is not its narrative which while being unique is at some times too convoluted to understand, the main draw from many of the players are the characters.

[Image: best_anime_games_of_all_time-fate_stay_n...eplay1.jpg]
Figure 4-4. Fate / Stay Night Gameplay

Fate is a visual novel after all, so it would stand to reason that the best part of it is the characters and their interactions. Characters range from being simply one dimension like Sakura to the everchanging and elusive Saber. All of them have their own motivations and backstories which tie back in with other characters. Such as the afro mentioned Sakura is in actuality the sister of Rin the main female lead. These connections are what made the game so enjoyable to play as you may never know what will happen next. Replayability is also a key aspect as the game has three distinct endings ranging from a wholesome farewell to a world-ending disaster. So if you are in the mood for a game that will flip your perception of history then Fate / Stay Night is the game for you. Just stay clear of the fans as they are still coming to terms with the timeline.

  • Guilty Gear X2
[Image: best_anime_games_of_all_time-guilty_gear_x2_2002.jpg]
Figure 4-5. Guilty Gear X2

Platforms: Windows, Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation, Xbox, Arcade game.

The fighting game genre has always lent itself especially well to anime games. A prime example of this is the Guilty Gear Franchise as it has been a staple of arcades since the early 2000s. Due to its gorgeous anime art and a story that will require you to finish a Ph.D. to know what is happening. Among the wide assortment of releases of the franchise one stands above the rest as it was the first one to be featured in the now-famous gaming tournament known as EVO Championship. A feat that to this day has only been achieved by a scant few anime games. Guilty Gear X2 was developed by the mad lads over at Arcs System Works, who would later go on to revolutionize the entire anime fighting game genre. X2 featured some of the best mechanics of its contemporaries as it allowed players to cancel out of combos and then flow directly into a block or parry.

[Image: best_anime_games_of_all_time-guilty_gear...eplay1.jpg]
Figure 4-6. Guilty Gear X2 Gameplay

Character-wise the roster was jam-packed with new characters that would become a series classic and a few returning characters such as Sol Bad Guy the main protagonist of the whole series. His story is one of loss betrayal and perseverance, also did I mention he has a cool anime sword! This mixture of narrative depth and high-skill ceiling mechanics is the exact reason Guilty Gear X2 is regarded as the best game in the franchise, well until Strive was released. So if you’re up for some old-school arcade fun hop onto Guilty Gear X2.

Best Anime Games in the 2010s

  • Dragon Ball FighterZ
[Image: best_anime_games_of_all_time-dragon_ball...z_2018.jpg]
Figure 5-1. Dragon Ball FighterZ

Platforms: Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and Windows.

In the 2010s Arc System Works had already established itself as the best anime fighting game developer, but the game that would propel them to stardom would be Dragon Ball FighterZ in 2018. Not only did they nail the feeling of fighting like a Saiyan but they also painstakingly recreated some of the most iconic moments from the anime and allowed players to relive them through high-octane action. Narratively the game features a brand-new story that sees the Z fighters face a remnant android of the  RR Army. But what will the fighters due when this new foe merges with their greatest foe ever?

[Image: best_anime_games_of_all_time-dragon_ball...eplay1.jpg]
Figure 5-2. Dragon Ball FighterZ Gameplay

On the gameplay side, the game features well-crafted mechanics and a roaster that will have any Dragon Ball fan drooling. Fan-favorite characters such as Vegeto and Jiren also make an appearance. The game was also featured in the world-famous EVO championship many times due to its high skill ceiling and well-balanced characters. Artstyle is another area where the game shines as it truly brings Akira Toriyama’s manga pages to life like never before. So if you are in the mood for a good adaption of your favorite series then look no further than Dragon Ball FighterZ.

  • Fire Emblem Awakening
[Image: best_anime_games_of_all_time-fire_emblem...g_2012.jpg]
Figure 5-3. Fire Emblem Awakening

Platforms: Nintendo 3DS

Fire Emblem is one of Nintendo’s longest-running series and it would have been forgotten after the disaster that where the Wii games. But alas Nintendo did what it always does, and made a comeback with Fire Emblem Awakening. Which is regarded by many in the fandom as one of the best SRPGs alongside Thracia and Genealogy. Much of this is due to the fantastic adaptation of the classic mechanics and revolutionizing the supports via the pair-up mechanic. Old-time fans were also brought back by setting the game in the far future of the first fire emblem game. Players will control Robin, an amnesiac who has to help Prince Chrom and save the world from the primordial dragon that slumbers.

[Image: best_anime_games_of_all_time-fire_emblem...eplay1.jpg]
Figure 5-4. Fire Emblem Awakening Gameplay

Gameplay is updated from previous entries as it is now far more streamlined and easy to understand due to better UI and new mechanics. This is not to say that the game was made easier, not by a long shot. Older fans can still expect to face some of the hardest battles in the franchise’s history, made bearable only with the inclusion of the pair-up mechanic that links two characters and their stats together. Fire Emblem Awakening not only went on to become the most-sold game in the franchise but it also rejuvenated the interest of the fans once again. An act that resulted in the creation of Three Houses and the crowning of Fire Emblem amongst Nintendo’s best.

  • Persona 5
[Image: best_anime_games_of_all_time-persona_5_2016.jpg]
Figure 5-5. Persona 5

Platforms: PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and Windows.

Very few times in history has a franchise risen from pure obscurity and cult status to industry-defining experiences. Persona is one of them, what started as a spin on the Megami Tensei has not become the poster child for anime games in the modern age. Much of this is due to the massive success of the fifth installment Persona 5. The game takes us to the heart of Tokyo as we control a silent delinquent who has been sent away from his parents to be rehabilitated. But even with the most strict laws one can not keep the spirit of rebellion chained up and after a baffling series of events our hero finds himself as the leader of the Phantom Thieves. A group that raises the flag of rebellion and goes against the system stealing the hearts of forsaken people.

[Image: best_anime_games_of_all_time-persona_5_2...eplay1.jpg]
Figure 5-6. Persona 5 Gameplay

Persona is known for its unique mixture of slice-of-life aspects and heart-pumping combat. You will be managing your social life alongside helping people in need via the hidden dungeon called Taturas. The confidant system is a major improvement from the previous games as the rewards for spending time with people are game-changing. It also helps that each of the confidants is well-written and incorporated into the main story at some point. So what are you waiting for come join the Phantom Thieves in Persona 5 as they raise the voice of rebellion for freedom and justice.

Best Anime Games in the 2020s

2020s is currently in progress, so the list of games in this section may change in the future.

  • Genshin Impact
[Image: best_anime_games_of_all_time-genshin_impact_2020.jpg]
Figure 6-1. Genshin Impact

Platforms: PlayStation, GeForce Now, Android, Windows, iOS.

Genshin Impact is simply a miracle, no one could have predicted that a simple Zelda clone from a Chinese Gacha game developer would be one of the most influential anime games of the 2020s. Genshin Impact is a completely free-to-play open-world anime game that invokes the exploration and adventure feelings like Zelda. But it also has a unique story to tell and it’s quite decent. As you take control of the traveler, a being from outside the world of the game. You can either be the male or female sibling and strike out with your faithful companion Paimon to find the other sibling. Narrative wise the game features well fleshed-out characters with backstories so sad that it will feel like your watching a sappy romance thriller.

[Image: best_anime_games_of_all_time-genshin_imp...eplay1.jpg]
Figure 6-2. Genshin Impact Gameplay

Exploration and combat is where you will spend most of your time and it’s safe to say that the constant loop of combat and finding treasures is quite fun. It also helps that the game features an intuitive elemental system that allows players to not only fight enemies with cool flashy moves but also influence the environment with them. All in all, Genshin Impact is a must-play for any anime game fan as it foreshadows the future of the genre.

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel
[Image: best_anime_games_of_all_time-yu_gi_oh_ma...l_2022.jpg]
Figure 6-3. Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Android, iOS, Windows, Xbox.

“It’s time to duel!” is a phrase I am sure any 90s kid will remember. As it was the catchphrase of the hit anime Yu-Gi-Oh! But now it takes on a new meaning as players can finally duel to their heart’s content in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel. It is the complete reimagining of the original concept of card battling from the show, and it pulls it off masterfully. Players can now build their favorite decks and choose from all the sets that have been released over the years. Since it follows the official duel rules from the game manual you can rest assured that no overpowered homebrew is going to make its way into the game.

[Image: best_anime_games_of_all_time-yu_gi_oh_ma...eplay1.jpg]
Figure 6-4. Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Gameplay

Dueling has also been streamlined as now you can easily find a person to duel against and have matches ranging from quick 5 mins turnarounds to whole 30 min long duels. The constant support from Koei Tecmo ensures that the game’s servers will never go down and that no cheating will take place. So if you are craving some old 90s fun then log on to Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel and relive your childhood all over again.

  • The Tale of Onogoro
[Image: best_anime_games_of_all_time-the_tale_of...o_2022.jpg]
Figure 6-5. Tale of Onogoro

Platforms: PlayStation, and Microsoft Windows.

VR is a concept that is familiar to many anime fans as some of the biggest shows have had a premise similar to it. That is why many of the best VR games as of late are taking inspiration from the medium. Games such as The Tale of Onogoro. A modern retelling of Japanese folk tales in a new and mystical steampunk setting. From the creative visionary Hiromichi Takahashi, the man behind 'Last Labyrinth', the game has you being summoned to the mystical floating islands called Onogoro to help the sacred priestess in her attempts to stop the malignant kami from taking over.

[Image: best_anime_games_of_all_time-the_tale_of...eplay1.jpg]
Figure 6-6. Tale of Onogoro Gameplay

Using the VR to its full capacity you will fight ancient spirits and long-dormant automatons. With only your trusty side arms you will not only overcome the enemies but will also have to navigate the islands’ many puzzles with the help of the priestess. Other than a few pacing issues the game is the perfect game to start one’s journey in the wide world of VR anime games. So strap on gamers as the game Isekai’s you to a steampunk world like never before.


[Image: best_anime_games_of_all_time-anime_in_fortnite.jpg]
Figure 7-1. Naruto Skin in Fortnite

In conclusion, it is important to take notice of the fact that most of the games mentioned on the list were developed by Eastern companies. But as mentioned in the 2020s section that is changing as more and more Western companies are seeing the mass appeal of anime aesthetics in games and are pivoting towards it. Games such as Omega Strikers and Vtuber skins in Smite are popular examples of this. VR is also gaining more and more attraction as many now see it as the next paradigm shift in the industry. This is due to the new perspective it allows up to have when playing anime games.

[Image: best_anime_games_of_all_time-anime_in_smite.jpg]
Figure 7-2. VShojo Skins in Smite

Taking a step back and seeing the journey anime games have taken throughout the ages, one starts to see a pattern emerging. In the 80s games like Angels' Afternoon became instant hits due to the first-person immersion they allowed players to have while interacting with Bishojo characters. This resulted in the birth of the anime visual novel genre that gave us gems like Clannad and Angel Beats. But now as technology is advancing more and more we are seeing the rise of VR in the visual novel space. Games like Tokyo Chronos and Laid Back Camping are redefining the genre with a whole new level of immersion never been seen before. Truly VR seems to be carrying the torch set alight by Angels' Afternoon, and if the 2020s are to be believed VR won’t be stopping anytime soon. But one thing is for sure anime games have left their mark on the industry and will never be forgotten.

Figure 7-3. Can You Imagine How Anime Games Will Develop in the Future?


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