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Persona 5 who's better
IWho do you think is best girl in persona 5 cause I think it's Guyana Sakura is best girl
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Who bought Fata/EXTELLA LINK?
I purchased. Please reply to here if you also purchased!
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YU-NO: A girl who chants love at the bound of this world.
This got announced to be coming to the west very recently for PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch. The release date is October 1st 2019.

For anyone up to date on the new seasons of anime, you will probably have watched this. Personally it's one of my favourites this season and they probably had it planned before releasing the anime, which is smart. A visual novel version seems nice.

Anyway back on topic, here is the trailer:

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[MUST CHECK] People who didn't get activation email after the registration!
We just have found that our email system went broken for some reasons... 
But now you can request new activation email in order to gain full services, posing on the website & accessing to limited contents available to registered users only!

Please log in with your account that has not received an email, then go to https://www.animeesports.com/member.php?...activation
And write down your email address and it
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Who will be next champion of anime gamers?
It's just one week before the release of Kandagawa Jet Girls!

As the champions of anime gamers at the middle of 2020 are announced here, We are still looking for next anime gaming champion for next half of an year who will stand with existing top level of anime gamers such as Mumeii, Uchi, and Traplord Gianni!

The important thing to notice is that, we don't only look at only the gaming skill being exceptional,
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Pro League for SAO:FB Avatar PvP, who wants it?
Pro League for SAO:FB Avatar PvP, who wants it?
Please reply to it if you feel good on playing this!
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Shouldn't we give more rewards to those who participate in multiple pro leagues?
My guess is that although it's shouldn't be too much reward but I think it's better to give +1 additional final score per each time a person, who is registered in multiple pro leagues, joins each section. Because I do think those kinds of guys largely contribute to the vital aspects of anime gaming, like TLG. 

How do you think about it?  Huh
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Seriously who gonna play Takaki San's new game, Project GAMM?
If you do so yeah let's make elite esports team with me. For that game yeah I probably want to play hard again since I haven't played anime games that hard recently.
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Looking for Power Levelers who can help others
Hello, we are currently gathering max level players of following games who can help others to level up for an hour weekly or biweekly of your choice:
Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

If you can help other people level up at any days you want but between 8pm ~ 12pm ET, only once weekly or biweekly, and at least an hour, please reply to this. Basically how you do is to create your room and help any people join in your room. We will advertise your session in our timetable sche
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I'm looking for someone who can do SAOFB hero pvp
Since I am Japanese, I write letters while using a translator. If anyone can do hero PvP, please tell me the PSID.