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Who will be next champion of anime gamers?
It's just one week before the release of Kandagawa Jet Girls!

As the champions of anime gamers at the middle of 2020 are announced here, We are still looking for next anime gaming champion for next half of an year who will stand with existing top level of anime gamers such as Mumeii, Uchi, and Traplord Gianni!

The important thing to notice is that, we don't only look at only the gaming skill being exceptional,
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Is there any items that will hit enemy ahead regardless of distance at 100% chance?
I realized that this game at the end pretty much just become like 1st guy keep racing until the end, so that the match becomes quite boring at certain point that everybody has distance between.

Is there any items that will hit enemy ahead regardless of distance at 100% chance?
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Reward of Top 5 Reputations/Referrals will change
Currently everything on this website is too much focuses on advertising skilled gamers than rewarding actual people helping us expand the community, who are top 5 in reputation/referrers, so that we come up with following ideas. We decided to give them more power in terms of operational perspective of the community rather than plain advertising which we currently do for skilled gamers:

Top 5 in repuations/referrers will get...
1. Admin level of full power on Discord, being able
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Will PS5 have PS Community feature?
I likely hear from somewhere that PS community feature might disappear, then Sony probably integrate Discord into PS5 system.

PS community was essential for anime gaming in order to gather friends to play with so. 

If any of you hear about this, please let us know. 
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Will there be something PS community equivalent once removed?
I heard PS communities will be removed. This is very bad news for many of those who put their efforts into, including myself.
I think this decision will just make Sony more unreliable in terms of their services. But anyways, if that is true, is there any alternative ways that people can gather around on PlayStation system, but NOT by any actual invitation to chat room? (like the way people could find PS communities without talking with others, but by themselves).

This is not a question about
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Maybe all PvP anime games would disappear

OMG Genshin Impact now even got into first page in Twitch by the order of live view count. 
This is very critical when determining actual popular games. I even saw yesterday that Genshin Impact was even in top 10 list in Twitch.
Look realistically, this literally means that Genshin Impact pwned even some major games like Blizzard's Overwatch.
This straightforwardly tell us the trends of people in the world: They like PvE anime games as much as PvP non-anime games. 
Due to this
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We will continue AEG Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Avatar Pro League
As many stated and advised, we will continue AEG Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Avatar Pro League!
One difference is that we will utilize kick function in order to ban cheating players, and also please report cheaters in this forum if you ever caught them.
Thank you very much.
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Will you Ever Come to PC? (Fatal Bullet, Hero)
I Really Wanna know if you guys will be able to play on the PC or if it will just stay ps4 Since we made an esports Team. I Just hope that me and my team didnt join for nothing, we wanna meet new people and know how good they play hero pvp since we are experienced as well. Since now its on Sale in Steam until the 8 July.
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Will Neptunia x Senran Kagura: Ninja Wars have PVP?
I was trying to search many many website about if Neptunia x Senran Kagura: Ninja Wars would have PvP but I couldn't find.

I believe this is a singleplayer game now. Neptunia for example they never had PvP while Senran Kagura did have the most times so if they are trying to mix them it would be no PvP not to offend Neptunia fans, that's what I thought. Damn I needed another weeb wars game.

Can anyone confirm this?
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Gundam game is now supported on eSports market
Usually for anime games, only 1vs1 fighting game have survived in esports area, supported by some organizations such as Evo or ESL, for anime games like BlazBlue Undecided However...


ESL recently started a pro league service for an anime game called Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. Maxi Boost ON. It is 2vs2 game having smaller scale than massive combat like 4vs4 SAOFB, and also has less weeb component, which is equ