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plans several future
Several Future Plans
1. The whole community website will be replaced with latest web technology but it will take about 6 months, focusing more advanced features on Twitch advertising for anime gamers and then additionally provides infos about meta builds, guides, news of anime games (which we currently does but any further updates on Twitch advertising features like following, subscribing, donating will be completed after those developing months). But the main focus of the community will always be helping anime gamers to populate their Twitch livestream so that more people can play anime games.

2. We will run, probably, Discord probably again. (actually I am considering between running Steam and Discord chat).But I know how hard it is to advertise Discord and ...realized actual Discord users' behaviors that most people don't use Discord for gaming. There are just too many fancy and funny things that makes users get away from actual gaming.

3. AEG PSN community link will be introduced.

4. Might focus on Nintendo Switch anime gaming area but not sure. But currently It looks very much likely that anime gaming main platform is moving to Nintendo Switch from PlayStation for Sony's heavy restriction on Senran Kagura series and possible upcoming restriction on anime games. PC will very likely remains same pos at middle.

5. Just like God Eater series, the community will not focus on Code Vein if it won't have PvP. But never worries since upcoming Tokyo Ghoul Re call to exists will have PvP.

6. Currently our secondary focus is to create environment where people can make anime gaming friends to play anime games with easily for their platform. For this reason I am also thinking of implementing own chat system on the website & mobile app but this will take huge amount of time.
Do anime streams do well on Twitch these days?
(04-09-2020, 12:03 PM)Valderrama Wrote:  Do anime streams do well on Twitch these days?

I don't think anime livestream on Twitch is possible because of copyright rule.
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