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amp backbreaker investigator sasori β aus
[Investigator, Sasori & Aus β] Backbreaker

A balanced CC build that frequently knockdowns the enemy from the long distance, highly effective when it comes to team-based combat in a small area.

1. Attack Damage + 100% can be replaced to "Attack Damage + 75%", allowing you to gain a little more sustainability.
2. To go more offensive, change red Sasori to purple Sasori, get 150% Special Move Damage and CCG Maverick. Also switch HP+50% of your Aus β to 150% Special Move Damage. However, sustainability is not guaranteed.


  • If an enemy comes closer to you when you are spamming Aus β's skill, you are recommended to switch to dagger, which is quite good in terms of 1vs1.
  • Best way to make a pounce with a dagger is that you need to gadget-dodge (check guide section) then make some space between you and your enemy.
  • When your enemy's get knocked down by Aus β , you can actually perform following 2 things: (1). Shoot with guns while they are falling down, aiming their head. Your stamina also recharge while you are using gun. (2). Perform one more  Aus β's skill while they are falling down.
  • The build is weak in terms of special move. Only use it when your enemy wants to get closer to you. Or, get into rage mode in order to spam Aus β.
  • You can actually make consecutive knockdowns, but you have to time very well when they are trying to getting up.
Any ghoul build that can oneshot with special move.



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* If you can rate it by clicking stars, and review the build by commenting below once you played it, thank you very much!

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