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kurtzpel ps4 release date
Kurtzpel PS4 Release Date
As of April 2021, still there is no announcement about Kurtzpel PS4 release, thus, there is no Kurtzpel PS4 Release Date.
We do hope Kurtzpel PS4 happens though, as we can see that its controller support on Steam version is quite impressive, even automatically changing KBM UI to an independent UI for a controller when a controller is connected. I mean the game was seemingly intended to also provide a console gaming experience. And one more thing to consider for an anime game developer is that there are more anime gamers on PS4 than other platforms when it comes to anime games (we don't know the reason but it is still valid as of 2021).

If you do want to see Kurtzpel PS4, please reply to this.
Thank you very much!
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