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kurtzpel release xbox date
Kurtzpel Xbox
As of June 2021, still there is no announcement about Kurtzpel Xbox release, thus, there is no Kurtzpel Xbox Release Date.

Currently there is no Kurtzpel Xbox version. Hopefully this will be released, but if a console version of the Kurtzpel game ever comes out, it will most likely be the PS4 version first, as most anime games seems to be released on PS4 or PC first. However, as I experienced on PC, this game has a very natural controller support, so I think there is a possibility that a console version will be released. This is because most of the anime games were first released on the PS4 version when it comes to anime games.

If you want the Kurtzpel Xbox to be released, please reply below. Let's discuss the possibility of release.
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