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video guide and pvp
PvP Video and Guide
Hi I am currently within top #1~10 range of Tokyo Ghoul CTE PvP leaderboard, and here is a video (1vs2 and 1vs3 included) how I play:

In the video,
For Investigator I use my own build but in the video you see I don't use dagger as secondary but in reality you may want to use dagger instead of greatsword for close-combat. For ranged fight, I use handgun + Thinning but there are so many alternative. Make sure stamina recharges while you use handgun (this is important). You can check it from the start of the video.

So this is general idea of how to make build. Using similar concept you may make your own. You don't always need to range-attack but also use shield to get closer to enemy rather than ranged attacking, or some other tactics.

For Ghoul I use Shuu Tsukiyama, a bunker type character. You can check it around 35min.

Also I don't use melee + 100% which puts stamina -50% because in real PvP Stamina, maximum HP, defense point are quite essential (awakening and speed are less important so if you see any + 100% boost that brings about speed or awakening decrease, you may safely use them)
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