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art online amazing is alicization sword
Sword Art Online: Alicization is amazing!
This Alicization new SAO anime is a very impressing since first Sword Art Online TV series.
I didn't actually enjoy Gun Gale online due to that the weight of seriousness in each scenes felt relatively smaller than 1st & 2nd seasons of SAO animes (Although Fatal Bullet was best SAO game for me among all SAO games).
But this Alicization anime actually rather well deliver the seriousness in each scenes in different way that focuses on the perspective of NPC characters than real players, and depict their emotion while NPC themselves are recognizing the difference between real players and themselves in a point of unfairness between them and real players, that is, deaths of them are actual death while the deaths of real players are only the temporary death in the game world that can respawn.

I will continue to watch the entire episodes of this new SAO Alicization anime. Hope you guys would watch too!

I hope some greatest scientists embody her human body for Alice (lol), and hope she would actually appear in the real world!
[Image: Kureha-Signature.gif]
Yeah I enjoyed Alicization too.

I really liked the first arc, this second currently airing arc i'm not particularly keen on. It just doesn't seem to be hitting the same way, though it does have some cool scenes and is yet to reach a climax. So hopefully it turns around.

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