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tamakaze hayabusa shinkansen
[Tamakaze] Shinkansen Hayabusa

Tamakaze build that provides maximum speed in the game while also providing high handling capacity at the same time. This build is very useful in the most maps except tunnel maps.

[Image: 07b.png]
Kamui Kurenai, or any others characters that grant speed boost mainly.

1. 2 slots of Lightweight Ride Plate can be switched to your own choice, possibly to EPD related slots.

  • Always watch the minimap, especially when there will soon be a curved path, so that you can figure out fastest path to cut across it.
  • Use a drift on long and little curved path, and combine with EPD boost upon the release of drift. This will increase your speed upto about 150km/h.
  • It is not good to use a drift on too much curved path, except a case that you received handling from jumping boost. Make sure you dip your nose into the water in such case.
  • Always use EPD boost when you received a speed from jumping boost. This increases your speed upto around 200km/h shortly.
  • It is more important to find out fastest path by watching minimap for next curved zone than just getting EPD boost from EPD rings or speed boost from green-colored speed boosting footing.
  • If you will need to turn left in 90 degree angle soon, drift earlier and release the drift as soon as you reached the start of point that curved zone.
  • When drifting and you are likely hitting the wall, release the drift before hitting the wall.
  • When you lost your handling, using EPD boost will let you go in the right direction you wanted to go.
Speed+EPD focused build in non-tunnel maps.



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