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discord think you the gaming tool? is do best
Do you think Discord is the best gaming tool?
I personally don't think Discord is the perfect tool for gaming (of course I don't think the forum software used on this website is also suitable as a gaming tool). The reason is that Discord's add-ons such as bots and roles are so powerful that you can't focus on gaming. Personally, playing with bots, chatting, and VC were more fun than gaming, so I spent more time there than gaming.

That's not all. See the disboard.org website. In fact, there are many servers that have nothing to do with gaming. That's possible because Discord's features include so many things you don't need for gaming. Discord is a very powerful tool. You can use Discord's chat and VC to make your gaming life easier, but at the same time these are so powerful and fun that Discord takes you away from playing video games. Since it can make you fun without having to play video games, there is also the potential to degrade the gaming industry in the end.

The other day, I was active on the anime/gaming related Discord server, but most of the time I was playing with chat, VC, and Bot. I've seen a lot of people who want to focus on video games end up spending their time on chat or VC instead of video games.

Here's the point: Are you just playing the game because you're lonely? Or is it because the game is fun? Or is it both? I think the third point is probably the reason for most people. In that case, I think Discord can work well and that's why Discord is doing so well in these days. But in my case, the first point is the reason.

For me, the best gaming tools weren't Discord, but apps that let me focus on games like Steam, PlayStation and TeamSpeak. Because, unlike Discord, they only provide the ability that let you focus on the game.

What do you think about this? Was Discord the best gaming tool for you? I would love to hear from you and discuss.
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