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gaming? social use media you do for
Do you use Social Media for gaming?
In my experience, social media such as Twitter and Facebook are good platforms for companies to advertise and sell their products, but I think it is a difficult platform to find friends who can play games. In fact, the Nintendo Switch also has a Twitter add-on, but even if I make friends with someone, I've never encountered anyone asking me to play a game with on Twitter.

In my experience, the best methods were PS Community, PS Chat, Steam Chat, and in-game chat. Discord wasn't exactly a platform for gaming for me, because Discord was so great and rich in its features (roles, bots, etc) that it wasn't just once or twice that I felt chatting and VC were more fun than playing games. (Of course, it is advertised as a means for gaming on the surface). Simply says, too many things to focus on other than gaming. There are lots of existing discord servers not about gaming (check https://disboard.org/) and that fact actually proves it.

Anyway, if you are using social media as a means of playing games with others, what is the case? And, how do you do it?
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