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cavalier gt ghoul slash kokaku lt
[Ghoul, Kokaku <Slash>] Cavalier
Difficulty rating: Intermediate
(based on the amount of time and effort that is required to properly learn to play)

Check out the Droll version as well!
[Ghoul, Kokaku] Droll

This build is similar to Droll, however provides a better counter attacks, making it difficult for you to stay down

Self Healing can be swapped out for something else

Similar to Droll, use your counter attack (circle) to gain Awakening, with the increase of Block Strength you can take more hits and handle a strong attack
You want to use your Awakening Gauge when it's full, rather than using the Super attack. This will provide more area attack (Holding Triangle) and allowing you to fight longer
If all else fails, use your Super Attack against multiple enemys (It's best if they are lined up)
You can use your Super attack to make a quick escape or entrance 
NOTICE: In order to land a Super Attack you must be at close range, if you can hit them with a melee attack you should be close enough for it

Because of low health, you can't fight stronger enemys at once
Due to the range of the Super Attack players may end up escaping more easier
You can still gain Awakening, but to as quickly as Droll





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