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depth in review but girls jet simple kandagawa
Kandagawa Jet Girls Simple But In-depth Review
If you are thinking of buying this game, I want to say that game graphic is very nice, music is so cool, gameplay-wise quite fun, customization system is very decent, lots of mini games, Senran Kagura characters as well. 

Only thing that this game lacks I think:
1. No team play like 2vs2 so that there is no one can care of you. You simply lose in multiplayer all the time if your skill is not yet good or gears are not good which will eventually make you may quit the multiplayer a lot earlier due to lots of stresses. I saw this kinds of people in this game. 

2. No more than 4 people in multiplayer. 

3. Balance is little bad, a character that provides speed boost A is little OP compared to others, not too much but noticeable in somewhat degree. Also some to many numbers of slots like shield durability does really nothing. 

I guess that's it!

I still recommend getting this game when it goes on sale because other than only this small balance and game mode things, game is cool in most parts.
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