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rinkaku ghoul berserker
[PvP] [Ghoul, Rinkaku] Berserker

A highly offensive build that does not rely on special move too much, but highly rely on your own instinctive fighting sense, like berserker. More threats, you get even more stronger!

HP+60% can be replaced with your own choice.

  • With this Rinkaku, you can use 2 kinds of skills. 1 of them will make large movement that jumps yourself frontal to hit the enemy. However, it is not recommended using that skill too much because you would have more chance to be exposed to enemy attack after the failure of your skill. It is good at making first blow though.
  • With another Rinkaku skill, you can press the skill button shortly (0.3sec) then release in order to blow enemy. It will knock back your enemy. You can then quickly dash to an impact point and spam it again to make continuous attacks. You may want to utilize this skill more often because this is faster than another skill, and enemy cannot counter once successful because of its CC effect. It can even ignore stunning effect from your enemy's special move when you cast this skill at the same time your enemy casts special move (More precisely, using any skill at the same time your enemy casts special move will provide you immunity against the stun effect of special move).
  • Do not use special move only except a case that you need to use it immediately to dodge or counter something. Special move of this rinkaku is bad in terms of both range and damage.
  • Use your guage to get into awakening move instead. You can also use it during the stunning effect from enemy's special move in order to avoid its damage.
  • Carefully watch your HP, you gain +200 attack and +50 defense boost when your hp is low. This effect stays for 30 seconds, which is 2 times longer than you gain same boost from the temp.special move attack & defense boost. Once you gain this effect, you can fight madly! 
  • Against Narukami's loaded lighting bolts, you can actually dodge it by pressing only dashing button, or use special move immediatly to counter.
  • Use aiming mode in order to make finish attack, disrupt heals and so on.
The build that is hard to get closer, like cannon build.


TrapLoad Gianni

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