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quotes my p i w oc
My OC Quotes (W.I.P.)
Notice: Each OC (Protagonist) has a link to their backstory, I would highly suggest watching it please
I also will be adding more characters quotes in, currently have no names ATM

"I want to be alone! Why is that such a big deal to you?! I can handle my self, I don't need someone to hold my hand all the time!" - Evard Garvin to his friends
"One day, you won't see me the same. That's what worries me..." - Evard Garvyn to Vreni Nadine
"Ugh! Stop bringing up the past like it just happened, how can you even live like that?! It's like your stuck in a loop..." - Damian Kunan to Valleri Nadine
"How am I suppose to trust you when all you did was hurt him?! You just kept beating him while he was down, you and your "Friends"!! And you act like it's no big deal." -  Valleri Nadine to Damian Kunan
"Fighting is my last resort, don't make it my first" - Evard Garvin
"Why do some of us become what we feared to be...?" - Evard Garvin
"I hate how I have to smile... when people around me are dying." - Hiroin Garvin (Original name: Hiroin Deloise) (Mother)
"The only reason your alive is because someone took your place in death, and now... your next!" - Sergio Garvin (Father)
"You don't have to say thanks, someone had to make those basters pay." - Valleri Nadine
"Don't tell Mom I said this but... kindness won't always work for some people. Don't let them use it to their advantage! Take them down before they tear you apart." - Sergio Garvin
"You’re too young to worry, enjoy your childhood while you can okay?” - Dresden Onfre
"Almost all my left, people tell me to hold back. And for what, so they can hurt me first?" - Evard Garvin

(original backstory has been blocked from all countries. using an older version) 

"If you have a dream, but don't put the effort to go for it... you shouldn't have thought of it in the first place!" - Akio Sachihiro
"I'm not lazy. I put more effort into what I'm having fun with." - Amanta Sachihiro
"Creative can express more emotions when words cannot" - Creative Rebel (Name W.I.P.)
"I'd rather walk away knowing i tried rather than walking away scared" - Sara [Creative Rebel Leader] (Name W.I.P)

"Without trust, everything will eventually be destroyed." - Realm Walker [Last Resort]
"Your head is filled with to much doubt, relax and try to have a focused mind. Or we won't get any where" - Boffin to Realm Walker [Human]
"If no mistakes are made in a human's life, if no lessons are learned, they cannot mature" - Boffin
"life is like a book, and you're the writer. Now tell me, are you going to write it or, will others do it for you?" - Boffin to Realm Walker [Human]

(I also will be going over "Lurid" and "Akumu" version as well)

"Never push a nice person to their limits... the outcome isn't pretty" - Pariah Tenma [Lurid/Akumu]
"If my friends had to leave me, I wouldn't blame them. I've caused them so much trouble in their life." - Pariah Tenma [Lurid]
"Someone will eventually tear you apart, or everything you cared for. And what will you do about it?" - Akumu to Pariah Tenma
"You'd be surprised of what people will do just to keep the one's they care for alive." - Pariah Tenma [Lurid]
"if someone kills a murder, dose that make them a hero or killer, hmm?" - Pariah Tenma [Akumu]
"Some monsters are friendly, humans don't always see that though" - Pariah Tenma [Lurid]
"We're gonna have fun!!" - Pariah Tenma [Akumu]
"I chose to be alone, so no one will suffer from my problems... except me." - Pariah Tenma [Lurid]
"Actions speak louder than words, but silence is a language so few can understand" - Pariah Tenma [Lurid]
"I can't risk fighting anyone without... "him" taking control of me!" - Pariah Tenma [Lurid]
"Almost everyone wants to be a hero, so why... why do some of us become a villan?!" - Pariah Tenma [Lurid]

Unused Quotes/Might use later
"Love last longer than money, but both can help in different situations" - [Would be used in Creative Rebel, Name currently unknown, Adult]
"I keep the music loud in hopes that I can shut the problems out within my head" - Creative Rebel
"I do care about what's going on but... I'm not sure how I should feel..." - Evard Garvyn
"I'm always hungry because I'm always thinking about ideas" - Amanta Sachihiro [Creative Rebel]
"I gave you all the chances life would give, maybe even more! I hoped you would change, but you wasted it all!! - Kaja Garvyn (Mother)
"It's... not easy for me to change, if I could I would change right now! Please... I'm asking for one last chance, if I mess up... then cut me out of your heart..." - Sergio Garvin (Father)
"How can you help others if you can't fix yourself?!" - realm walker 
"The two most important days of your life is the day you are born, and the day you discover... why." -Mark Twain
Hm..... Not easy to reply but I felt some sorts internal thought and sense,
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