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[Offense, Dual Pistol] Wilderness Survival (BlackStar_X_HD)
Rank of BlackStar_X_HD:
[Image: master12.jpg]

[Image: blacks10.jpg]

A build for PvP that focuses on team fight in various game modes with its trap card and fastest mobility of dual pistol.

Yagyu, Asuka, poison projectile cards are options that can be replaced by your own choice. If you were to replace, more homing projectile and trap cards are recommended.

  • Use dolphin pet in close to medium range fight.
  • Use stealth cards in order to keep you safe, or remove conditions.
  • In squirmy, place Homura trap card on enemy's downed body to prevent resurrection, or on ally's downed body to resurrect.
  • In capture the bra, place Homura trap card on capture point at enemy base in order to prevent enemy with flag goals in.
  • In domination, of course, place your trap around capture point.
  • When hp is low so that you need to run away, place Homura card so that your enemy cannot follow you.
  • Use dual pistol to finish enemy who got damaged a lot by your offense cards. Switch between power and extra ammo mode appropriately.
  • Always, check you are safe before using healing skill. Otherwise, just run away until you are safe to heal yourself.
  • Stacking more than 1 offense projectile card is recommended when you are out of combat, also be in stealth while fighting if possible.

  • A build with lots of barriers that can just pass through trap.

Twitch: (EN)


I am Blackstar, the master tier player at the moment writing this, and also one of top players.

Hope you can enjoy the build  [Image: icon_biggrin.png] 
Pretty much everything is mentioned above.


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