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rinkaku ghoul berserker
[PvP] [Ghoul, Rinkaku] Berserker
[This image is blocked to guests or users who haven't unlocked.]

A highly offensive build that does not rely on special move too much, but highly rely on your own instinctive fighting sense, like berserker. More threats, you get even more stronger!

HP+60% can be replaced with your own choice.

  • With this Rinkaku, you can use 2 kinds of skills. 1 of them will make large movement that jumps yourself frontal to hit the enemy. However, it is not recommended using that skill too much because you would have more chance to be exposed to enemy attack after the failure of your skill. It is good at making first blow though.
  • With another

You are viewing only 33% of the whole content without any supporting materials like images/videos! This is 5 stars top secret about the game to be unlocked. Hope you can unlock it and help the author.

Points required to unlock: 150💎


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