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What it means to be an anime gamer
Do you guys know more than 70% male livestreamers report that they use female during Fortnite livestream?


And some people do criticize about this...


The ultimate solution to solve this problem is, we can just become a weeb instead!
You have come to right place at right time and now you have a great opportunity in your life to evolve yourself with us.
In this article, we will find out if you can like anime games!

PART 1: Do you like anime art style in general?
Main differnce between a game and anime game is difference in art style.
So first of all, we will need to determine if you can like anime art style.

This is critical part to check in a way that if you are flexible with anime itself in general than being an anime fan who shortly play single anime game created for the single anime you liked.

Google by keyword "anime vs real", then you will get these kinds of images. We assume you are a male:

Go through each images and check out which you liked between anime and real. You will probably end up in follwoing 3 cases:
- If you liked anime more, we think you need to be an anime gamer, especially if you primarily played female character in non-anime games such as Fortnite, Overwatch and so on.
- If you liked both, then you can determine what to play by the game mechanic & system you liked more.
- If you disliked anime but liked real, you probably don't want to play anime games.

You can also google like "anime vs fortnite". If you liked Fortnite being portrayed in anime more than actual Fortnite, we also think you need to be an anime gamer.

If you liked anime portrait in general, you satisfy this category.

PART 2: Are you ok with 3rd person camera?
Most anime games except fighting games are 3rd person with any genres such as 3rd person shooter, 3rd person racing, and so on.
This is because people like to watch their kawaii anime characters during the gameplay.

If you are ok with 3rd person camera system like you played Fortnite before, everything will be fine and you satisfy this category.

PART 3: New Content Delivery Cycle
If you played major western games like Fortnite, most of them get regular updates so that players can play for a long term even more than a year.
When it comes to anime games, it is different. Not many of them gets an update for a long term like western games.
Rather, they release compeletely new anime game, and you buy brand new game and play. This means that release cycles of anime games are more frequent than western games.

If you really worry about if you can play for a long term once you buy an anime game, then you might only want to buy anime games that we introduces.

It is because we are one of biggest anime game multiplayer communities which let you play for a long time with other people, as well as we tend to only introduce the anime games that comes with quite depth & diversity which you will need to spend lots of months to master. Otherwise they get low score in the website. In my case, I usually play one anime game for at least 6 months to an year and they have enough contents to enjoy for that duration.

If you are ok with this kinds of new content delievery cycle, you satisfy this category.

If you satisfied all 3 of them, I think you pretty much need to be an anime gamer Big Grin

Lastly, we want to introduce you one featured anime gamer, TrapLord Gianni (TLG), who successfully migrated himself to anime games from non-anime games.

(He is also a big anime figure collector)

He used to be play non-anime games such as Injustice, Crash Bandicoot, NBA, Street Fighter and so on, but he also realized anime games are great and worth settle down to it. He was actually a fan of only one anime, Tokyo Ghoul, but later he succesfully able to play more than that such as Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, JumpForce and so on.

Check out the video about the success story of his anime gaming life!

Next Step:
1. Get one of any anime games listed under Best Anime Games 2021 page. There are also free to play games.
2. Participate in AEG Pro League actively. You can check full schedule at main page.
3. Get gaming friends by advertising yourself under "Recruiment" forum under any anime games. (e.g. Recruiment forum of Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet)
4. If you gathered enough friends to play with, apply your team!

Now you are all set. Welcome to Anime Heaven!
AEG | Jotaku
Article updated <3
AEG | Jotaku


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