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New thread - Contest of the Month [May 2022] in forum Contests.
(05-01-2022, 04:35 PM)Jotaku.Net Wrote:  Build/Guide Contest of the Month [May 2022]
Welcome to the Build/Guide + LFG Contest of the Month!

Build/Guide Contest will be judged on:Length







In order to submit, you can simply post your builds or guides in corresponding forums. For example, if you would like to post Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Build, you can post yours on Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Builds forum. Similarly, if you want to post Kurtzpel guide, you can post it in Kurtzpel Guide Forum. You don't have to post both, either one of one build or one guide is fine.

You have to satisfy both Requirement 1 and Requirement 2 below in order to win a prize. But you don't have to complete optional part.

Requirement 1. Submit your one professional build,...
01 May 16:29
New post - RE: Contest of the Month [April 2022].
(05-01-2022, 04:29 PM)Jotaku.Net Wrote:  Unfortunately there were no winners in this month satisfying both requirement 1 and 2. We will skip this.
24 Apr 17:43
New post - RE: Contest of the Month [April 2022].
(04-24-2022, 05:43 PM)Jotaku.Net Wrote:  Contest description updated. Semrush part will be optional and rewards 1000 more ruby if you complete it.
23 Apr 14:32
New post - RE: Eternal Return PS5 Release Date.
(04-23-2022, 02:32 PM)Kikoji Wrote:  wow... the idea of ​​this game coming to ps is good enough
23 Apr 02:23
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New thread - Eternal Return PS5 Release Date in forum Eternal Return Discussions.
(04-22-2022, 05:27 PM)Jotaku.Net Wrote:  As of April 2022, still there is no announcement about Eternal Return PS5 or PS4 release, thus, there is no Eternal Return PS5 Release Date.

We hope Eternal Return PS5 will happen, but this game adopts an orthographic camera method, so it is difficult to play it without a mouse. However, if you look at various cases such as Hundred Swords released by SEGA for DreamCast platform, StarCraft 64 released for Nintendo 64 platform, and Diablo 3 released for PS4, I think it can be overcome to some extent.

And also my another expectation is that, if Eternal Return ever releases on PS4 or PS5, I think it won't have a physical form of the game. It will be most likely be only digitally available via PlayStation store, I believe.

Or it might even release on Nintendo Switch, because a player can det...
21 Apr 20:39
New post - RE: List of Super Mecha Champions Characters and Abilities Guide.
(04-21-2022, 08:39 PM)Jotaku.Net Wrote:  List Updated on Apr 21th 2021:
- Yutong has been added!
21 Apr 19:44
New thread - 4 vs 5 vs 6 paths builds for solo/duo/squad in forum Eternal Return Guide.
(04-21-2022, 07:44 PM)Jotaku.Net Wrote:  For solo, since you play alone, there is no limitation on path. You can take as many paths as possible since no one will chase you as a team. The risk for going as many paths as possible totally depends on you. Also there are meta builds that takes 6 paths for solo mode as well.

However, if you come to duo/squad, you can't. 5 paths is really maximum I experience a lot. Of course you can take as many as you can, however, you will very likely encounter an enemy team and die by joint attacks. If you go 6 path and leave your ally alone then your ally will also very likely be in danger soon. I wouldn't recommend you do 6 paths and not gathering with your ally even after 5 path unless both of you and your teammates are all highly skilled.

Then, is it better if I take 4 path build, like always?...
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New thread - Heart to Heart [SMC Lore] (Part III) in forum Super Mecha Champions Guide.
(04-16-2022, 08:05 PM)Dvoramla Wrote:  Based in the Steam version, released on March 25, 2022

Some time ago in January 2022, NetEase gave us a little more about the "lore" of SMC. Through the event of 'Heart to Heart', and in a series of post I will put all the decrypted cards for those players who did not manage to get all of them, and for those who are curious about it.

Here will only be the letters from 21 to 30.











I invite you to register on the page so that you know about the following guides, and the different contents that are published regularly on the site c:

If you are interested in more SMC guides, follow this link.
If you are l...
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19 Apr 19:59
New post - RE: Übel Blatt.
(04-19-2022, 07:59 PM)Dvoramla Wrote:  (11 hours ago)mpdownloader884 Wrote: &nbsp;Thank you for sharing information. very useful I will use it on my web. Excellent. mangagooh, nice xd
19 Apr 08:58
New post - RE: Übel Blatt.
(04-19-2022, 08:58 AM)mpdownloader884 Wrote:  Thank you for sharing information. very useful I will use it on my web. Excellent. mangago
19 Apr 08:56
New post - RE: Übel Blatt.
(04-19-2022, 08:56 AM)mpdownloader884 Wrote:  (12-16-2021, 03:03 PM)Dvoramla Wrote: &nbsp; (12-16-2021, 02:41 PM)AEG Jotaku Wrote: &nbsp;I can definitely feel the incredible charisma from the photos. 
I haven't read this manga yet. If it was a manga published in 2004, it would have been older than Tokyo Ghoul. I read Tokyo Ghoul, but not this one.
I'd love to read it if I get a chance. The story is inspired by betrayal that seems to exist somewhere.
Personally, I'm interested in manga being betrayed lolYes, and as it is an action manga, the fights are never lacking xd