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08 Dec 22:55
New thread - [ESP] Guía Firefox - Core II in forum Super Mecha Champions Tier List (Builds).
(12-08-2021, 10:54 PM)Dvoramla Wrote:  Basada en la Versión de Steam, lanzada el 25 de Marzo, 2021

Esta es una build bastante decente para usar si no dominas al Foxy; la build la probé yo en su momento, aunque la sigo usando (Para el momento en que estoy escribiendo esto soy top 34 de Foxy/Temporada 4).

Lo primero como siempre es configurar los módulos que más se adecuen para el Core que quieres usar, en este caso será el Core II.
Los módulos de esta ocasión son para darle oportunidad a Foxi de poder acortar la distancia entre los enemigos y la oportunidad de poder escapar o posicionarte en caso de necesitarlo; esto es para poder aprovechar al máximo los Gemini Misile de Foxy, dado que con el Core II puedes disparar muchos mas misiles, aunque estos van a ser menos precisos que los normales; de ahí la...
08 Dec 18:12
New thread - 2 Best PvP Survival Games as of 2021 in forum PvP Forum.
(12-08-2021, 06:11 PM)AEG Jotaku Wrote:  Are you looking for a game where only one winner survives? Here are some popular pvp survival games for 2021.

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

For PvP only, the PC version is paid, but it is free on Xbox, PS4, and Switch. There is a mode called Free for all in this game, in which about 8 players fight each other until one of them wins the final game. If you die, it will respawn after about 5 seconds, and the one with the highest score among them wins. You can play with about 20 or more characters, and there are more than 10 types of maps.

Super Mecha Champions

SMC is a game in which more than 100 users battle on a huge map. Because it is a battle royale, only the last team of 3 players wins. There are various vehicles such as tanks, cars, and mechas, and...
08 Dec 17:52
New thread - Best PvP Games for Free as of 2021 in forum PvP Forum.
(12-08-2021, 05:49 PM)AEG Jotaku Wrote:  Do you want to experience a new type of pvp games for free? We introduce some popular free PvP games for free that are popular in 2021!


Kurtzpel is a pvp game that looks like an MMORPG, but is actually a PvP-centric game, which is a 3D version of the commonly known side-scrolling fighting game. So the combo system exists because it brought the fighting game's system. The game provides arena-type PvP such as 2vs2, 4vs4, and supports various game modes and maps such as domination, Dota mode (destruction mode), Deathmatch, etc. Since this game is an actual PvP game in the form of an MMORPG, PvE elements like leveling are completely meaningless in PvP. This means that no matter how high your level or how good your equipment is, in Kurtzpel all players will have the ...
08 Dec 06:25
New thread - Build Firestar - Core I in forum Super Mecha Champions Tier List (Builds).
(12-08-2021, 06:23 AM)Dvoramla Wrote:  Based on the Steam version, released on March 25, 2021
Currently there are many new people who enter SMC every day, maybe that is why you notice an increase in the number of real people per game (Depending on your clear range); and among those many games you have played you have seen one of the rarest mechas in the game (It is rare for the fact that there are almost no players who use this mecha, therefore, it is almost not usually seen in games) and I am talking about the original Firestar. A wick that has the particularity of becoming a "sphere" to move at high speed, and I am sure you are curious about how this peculiar mecha is played 7u7.
While I can't assure you that the build will serve you 100%, I think you can try this build and check if it works for you or not; I personally occup...
08 Dec 05:27
New post - RE: Welcome to Sword Art Online Forum.
(12-08-2021, 05:27 AM)Jodie Scott Wrote:  (11-12-2021, 05:00 PM)AEG Jotaku Wrote:   (11-12-2021, 06:54 AM)Jodie Scott Wrote:  Sword Art Online one of my favorite anime which has engaging elements like fantasy, action, romance, and drama embedded into the anime. and there are also many anime like Sword Art Online which are more interesting you can check them out here
Well in the list I liked Future Diary the most among them, but in terms of similarity to Sword Art Online, I guess Accel World then Btooom are most similar to SAO.
Actually this list has some anime I don't even know. Thanks for the information. Your welcome
07 Dec 22:11
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07 Dec 18:10
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05 Dec 20:05
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05 Dec 20:04
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05 Dec 19:55
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05 Dec 19:16
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05 Dec 18:47
New thread - [Battle Royale/Northern Knight] - UPDATING in forum Super Mecha Champions Tier List (Builds).
(12-05-2021, 06:44 PM)AEG Jotaku Wrote:  [attachment=860]



This build is strategically similar to the Pulverize build, but we are pursuing a Northern Knight build that is completely optimized for close combat. Also, the difference is that it is meant to take full advantage of Northern Knight's combo "Shielded Jumping Attack", rather than the magnificent HP to be strong at close range.

Fuel Mastery

Tactical may be replaced with cryo gun, shotgun, etc.

Hydra Missile may be replaced with Ion Cannon, Homing missile, etc.

USAGEFire your secondary weapon whenever you think it may hit. The focus of this build is not on how to utilize secondary weapons.

Find a place where you can hide yourself. The examples of this place can be a corner of a building, a hill, ...
05 Dec 17:21
New thread - How to go outside of Training Area, explore entire map freely. in forum Super Mecha Champions Guide.
(12-05-2021, 05:21 PM)AEG Jotaku Wrote:  You can utilize this glitch to go outside of training area and see the world map freely to get familiar with it.
I reveal this because this glitch doesn't look like impacting the game way badly.

Way 1. Using Unicorn Tank and Blueprint Tank
1. Put one Unicorn Hover Tank diagonally near the corner, and put blueprint car very close to that corner inside the Unicorn Hover Tank.
2. Get on Blueprint Car, and make it running mode.
3. While you don't move, press z to get off. By luck you will be outside of the training field. Congratulation!

[Video: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1225015226]

Way 2. Using Ranger mecha
1. Mark at a certain height of the pillar on the side where the Doomlight is placed.
2. Summon your Ranger mecha, and use your dash skill in Car Mode.
3. Move your field of view out ...
05 Dec 15:46
New thread - Contest of the Month [December 2021] in forum Contests.
(12-05-2021, 03:46 PM)AEG Jotaku Wrote:  Build/Guide Contest of the Month [December 2021]
Welcome to the Build/Guide Contest of the Month!

Build/Guide Contest will be judged on:Length







In order to submit, you can simply post your builds or guides in corresponding forums. For example, if you would like to post Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Build, you can post yours on Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Builds forum. Similarly, if you want to post Kurtzpel guide, you can post it in Kurtzpel Guide Forum. You don't have to post both, either one of one build or one guide is fine.

You can submit your build/guide either one of following forums:
Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Builds
Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Guide
Kurtzpel Karma (Builds)
Kurtzpel Guide
Super Me...