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[Offense, Dual Pistol] Sneaky Dual Pistol (seph000)
[Image: 1st_ti10.jpg]

[Image: septh010.jpg]

A sneaky build for PvP that gets close to enemy easily and damages a lot, all of sudden. Very effective in domination game mode.

Miyabi card is an option that can be replaced by your own choice.

  • Use dolphin pet in close to medium range fight.

  • Use stealth cards in order to keep you safe, or remove conditions.

  • If you failed hitting enemy with close-range offense card and next offense card is not available, it is recommended to make some distance between next offense card is reloaded, rather than hitting with dual pistol.

  • Use dual pistol to finish enemy who got damaged a lot by its offense cards. Switch between power and extra ammo mode appropriately.

  • Before using close-range offense card, if your enemy is also in stealth, it is recommended that you fire in air to locate where your enemy is, then use card.

  • Always, check you are safe before using healing skill. Otherwise, just run away until you are safe to heal yourself.

  • Stacking more than 1 offense card is recommended when you are out of combat, also be in stealth before the fight.

  • Condition applier which can detect stealth.



Master tier player, and hope you can enjoy the build  [Image: icon_redface.gif] 
Hope you can give some constructive feedback.

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