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[Hybrid, Dual Pistol] Like Sonic (SonicandAmy)
Rank of SonicandAmy:
[Image: 1st_ti10.jpg]

[Image: sonica10.jpg]

An hybrid build for PvP that does offense and support.

Yumi and Homura cards is an option that can be replaced by your own choice.

  • Always be with your pets when close to medium range of fighting.
  • Discard skills to get healing card when you have low hp. Be sure you are doing that in safe place.
  • spam fire ball and ice ball whenever they are reloaded and enemies are in your range.
  • Dual pistol is very good in CTB, you should be capturing the flag instead of doing else.
  • Notice that sniper pet also does knocking down your enemy. Make it combo with ice card.

Twitch: (EN)

Youtube: (EN)

Having very high winrate and 1st tier. 

Following is video of playing the build:


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