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needle ghoul ukaku storm
[Ghoul, Ukaku] Needle Storm

A balanced build which performs special move in a wide area around you.

HP + 70% and Awakening Gauge Fill Rate + 120% can be replaced as your own choice.

  • As you see, it has no damage except the special move. But you have some viable defense that will let you be good at close combat.
  • Ukaku's normal melee is quite good that will hit 3 hits in a row, then you can use a skill that casts very fast and hit front. This is actually combo.
  • Ukaku's another skill that jumps up is quite good at knocking back your enemy in front. Use it when you are likely be zerged.
  • Ukaku's special move has wide range that hits both back and front side. However, it sometimes fails at killing ememy in oneshot. In this case, finish your enemy by aiming and throwing needles.
  • Make sure you can obtain very small amount of awakening gauge by throwing needles. The amount how much you obtain from it depends on the damage of your needle but gaining gauge in this way are still inferior to being damaged in close combat.
Build that has pretty fast speed since Ukaku's movement is slow. And possible cannon build that frequently knocks you down.



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