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kyurenpoutou0107 gun shower japanese server hybrid
[Hybrid, Shower Gun] Kyurenpoutou0107 (Japanese Server)

A well-balanced hybrid build for PvP with both defense and support capability.

Homura and Ryona cards are options that can be replaced by your own choice.

  • Use Bebeby pet and Ryona card in order to detect any stealth enemy, or nerf in general purpose.
  • Don't forget to check if an enemy is already in nerf before using any nerfing card.
  • Use stealth cards in order to remove a condition. The most harmful condition specific to this build is shot damage nerf and reload speed nerf. Use stealth card whenever you are suffering from them.
  • You have no close-offense card but stealth cards and shower gun which is powerful in close-fight. Be careful on enemy's close-offense card.
  • In CTB, try to defend enemy carrying our flag to their base at their base. You have some stealths to make you safely staying and waiting at their base. Do not deliver flag with shower gun unless there is nobody with offense build doing that job.
  • In terms of long-range fight, you have no damage since you are using shower gun except homing projectile. Thus, spam homing projectile when it comes to such a case.
  • If you are out of barrier or stealth, run away. 
  • Only Heal when you are completely safe around you.
  • It is recommended that you stack Homura, and use immediately when you got enemy barrier off.
  • With Kagura shield strong shower gun, you may sometimes want to charge into an enemy. Keep in mind that when your enemy used barrier breaker.
  • A build with lots of barriers and close-offense cards.


Kyurenpoutou0107 is one of Japanese players who has high winrate, and is Legned tier.

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