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[Hybrid, Rocket Launcher] Versatile Rocket Launcher (joestar2401)
Rank of joestar2401
[Image: master12.jpg]

[Image: joesta10.jpg]

A Versatile hybrid rocket launcher build for PvP with both defense and support capability.

Self-Minori card and Yozakura are options that can be replaced by your own choice.

  • Use dolphin pet in close to medium range of fight.
  • Worst conditions against rocket launcher specific are jet jump efficiency nerf and damage nerf. Use condition buff skills in order to remove them.
  • Normally you use homing fire mode of rocket launcher unless there is a specific target to aim who is close to you, so that it is easier to hit with rocket's power mode.
  • Whenever both team barrier and team heal cards are stacked together, use barrier first then heal card in order to avoid healing support failure.
  • Always check around if you are safe prior to heal.
  • In CTF, it is recommended that defending either in base or enemy base, rather than carrying the flag with slow movement of rocket launcher.
  • Yozakura then rocket with Ryobi and power mode, you can make instant kill. Or melee then Rocket power mode is also recommended combo.
  • Just like you spam homing fire of rocket launcher, spam Homura.

A build with lots of jet jump efficiency nerf.



Hi. My name is Joestar2401 and master tier. I usually play rocket or grenade launcher [Image: icon_smile.gif]
Hope it can help PBS community.

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